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9 London Quirky Bars You Should Check Out

London is home to some of the weirdest and most quirky bars in the world, with offerings ranging from fire-eating bartenders to bars in...
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    A Guide to Tahiti’s Unmissable Natural Attractions

    Tahiti has long had a reputation for being a tropical paradise - and it's easy to see why. Made up of some 18 islands...

    Diving in Florida

    Florida's diving opportunities vary from salt and fresh water diving, to cave and drift diving and include almost everything in between. Whether you want to explore a wreck, admire marine life, investigate natural reefs or are looking to learn, there is something here for you.

    5 Places to go Dolphin Spotting

    With travel and tourism ever easier and people having the chance to go further and further afield, experiencing something new is high on many travelers' list of vacation activities.

    Undiscovered Greek Islands

    Greece is, undeniably, a tourist trap. And for good reason. Beautiful weather, stunning scenery, a rich and diverse history, culinary delights and an inviting...

    Diving In Barbados

    BARBADOS: A SCUBA DIVER’S PARADISE The oceans and the seas have always fascinated the human mind. So when you know that you are going to...

    Scuba Diving Belize

    If you have watched the movie Finding Nemo, and have been fascinated by the way, the marine life moves on the ocean bed, then this is exactly the place that you must be in. The corals, the turtles, the fishes, they are just icons of natural beauty.

    Top 5 Diving Destinations to Consider for a Vacation

    Scuba diving is a sport that appeals to people on many levels. Some enjoy the freedom that comes from being temporarily weightless. Others get a thrill from coming in contact with marine life, away from aquariums and nature documentaries. Life teems just under the surface, so there is no need to be an expert to enjoy diving.

    Scuba Diving in Mauritius

    The island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is often referred to as a "Paradise location". It is an ideal destination for couples and...

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