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    Diving In Barbados


    The oceans and the seas have always fascinated the human mind. So when you know that you are going to Barbados, the first thing that many of us have at back of our minds is that we are going Scuba Diving, we are going Snorkeling, and there you go making all the necessary preparations for the same. Barbados is very rich in coral reefs, tropical fishes etc. But you need to chalk out your plan, as to where do you want to dive.

    Now in Barbados, scuba diving invokes some of the best feelings in you when you see the beautiful ocean scenery. TheDiving in Barbados coral reef Bell Buoy is beyond words, you see so many fishes; the reef looks like a little forest. Can you imagine that while you go scuba diving, you get to see turtles and barracudas that are about 60 feet? Yes, you will surely be rewarded with these pleasant sights if you go scuba diving in Barbados in Dottins reef. And then I am sure that every person who has dreamt about going scuba diving and snorkeling has always dreamt of clear and clean water that will allow him/her to see the bed of the ocean beneath, and yes, to achieve this dream, Maycocak bay is just the venue. The visibility is about 100 mts, and the underwater halls have so much of beauty in them that it leaves you awestruck. Also, sunken ships, freights, have again been a cause of great mystery in every mind, and it is here where you can put your imagination to rest, and explore all those port holes, touch those anchor chains, feel the metal and the wood, and much more. Pamir a freight that sank long ago is one such venue. The length is 165 feet, and is a marvel to see. It now serves as a new home to the fishes and other marine and aquatic life. And who does not know the Atlantis submarine that today lies on the ocean bed, well, just call out for your lucky star and there you go feeling every pulse of this mighty submarine. The Stavronikita is another liner, which finally ended up here, and is now a major tourist attraction on the ocean bed.

    And how about collecting some bottles from ocean bed, left long ago by sailors, how about collecting some cannon balls,Travel to Barbados cannons, and anchors, I know that if this is the bait laid out for me, I would spend endless hours looking out for these rewards. And this is exactly what you can do too, if you decide to go diving in Carlisle Bay.Also, you can see the latest wreck of 2002 namely the Bajan Queen. And for those who just want to feel the aquatic life moving about you, the floors in the ocean bed touching you, all that you need to do is put on your equipment and move across.

    There are a lot of Dive shops renting you the snorkeling gear and the scuba equipment, even offering you safaris for diving, but you need to make up your mind as to how you want to proceed. One must always go through the instructions that are very specifically put up to the new visitors. You could also take up a course in diving here, and become a certified diver. But when you want to say Alls well that ends well, then remember it is better to be safe than repent later. So here is good luck to safe DIVING IN BARBADOS.

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