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    Scuba Diving Belize


    Belize, mostly anonymous to a layman, lies in Central America, and is a diver’s dream. It is the next-door neighbor to Mexico and Guatemala. The place is mighty seducing to those who have a knack of collecting that mystic historical information. Well, precisely, this is the land where in you will a great touch of the Maya ruins.

    Now since this place specializes in Diving, for the first timers it is essential to understand that there are various levels in theScuba Diving Belize field of diving, and that shore diving to shallow diving are all put up on a platter to suit your expertise. At the Great Blue Hole you can go up to 200 feet deep. Also, for the beginners Hol Chan marine Park is the perfect location for scuba diving in Belize

    It is understood that with the predominant winds of the area, the visibility is definitely hampered, so one needs to study the weather properly before getting on. Now since Belize is all about diving, to book your diving tour and plans are an essential part of planning. You can just browse the Internet for a lot of dive operators in Belize.

    Now while in Belize, you can go to Ambergris Caye and relish the beauty of the bejeweled marine life. If you have watched the movie Finding Nemo, and have been fascinated by the way, the marine life moves on the ocean bed, then this is exactly the place that you must be in. The corals, the turtles, the fishes, they are just icons of natural beauty. And it is here that you can even explore the wrecks, you can slither through the tunnels and do everything that you have been longing for. Diving and its beauty can even be explored to the fullest at Bacalar Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve, Shark Alley Reserve, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Tuffy, Lighthouse Reef etc.
    While you book your Belize scuba diving vacation, the tour usually comprises of diving underwater with experienced divers, and also a wonderful tour to the Maya Ruins, an extremely close meeting with the aquatic marine life and a close rendezvous with the monkeys, Crocodiles, birds etc

    Now diving is but obvious bound to make you hungry so moment get back to the docks, you have restaurants and bars to quench your thirst with the most exotic beer and drinks and the most appealing food. Food is primarily made of fish, and has a very unique and mouth watering taste.

    Also, there are a lot of Kayaks, sailboats etc that have been put out to rent so that every person who is in Belize can experience the fabulous feeling of being associated with water.

    But be what the matter, while you are in here, you need to be very particular of knowing how to use the equipment, safe guard yourself, read your instruction pamphlets very carefully, and yes, enjoy while the weather permits.

    Wish you happy scuba diving Belize

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