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    What Makes Summers the Most Opportune Time to Go on a Wildlife Vacation?

    The moment you hear the word summer the very first thing which hits the mind is the sweltering heat and sticky sweats. But for wildlife devotees, summer is the most convenient time to go on a wildlife vacation. Yes, you heard that right. After the sun dries the water sources especially in the forest, the wild animals feel compelled to quench their thirst at those remaining watering holes.
    It creates the most accurate time to view the wildlife coupled with high chances of sightseeing as every creature eventually will pay a visit. So, all that you need to do is patiently wait adjacent a water source. Besides, the dry and sparse vegetation at the time of the summer months will be conducive for that clear glimpse of the forest.

    • During the summers, as mentioned the scarcity of water brings the animals to the river banks. So, you may be lucky enough in seeing a tiger saunter, deer grazing on the grasslands, elephants, stroll by. Seeing such wildlife spectacle unraveling on the river will indeed be an unforgettable sight.
    • The joy to view wildlife right in front of your eyes on a safari jeep will be unparalleled. The thrill to encounter wildlife within the open areas is an altogether different experience. You may also come across rare birds, sheep, mouse hares and marmots. And if you have a weakness towards photography what better excuse will you need to capture such beautiful sights.
    • There are some wildlife destinations where you can also see elusive black panthers and even tiger sightings. Summer is the best time in heading towards such spots and trying your luck in a tiger reserve.
    • Again, there are some wildlife reserves where rhinos and gibbons receive all the attention. Wait, their mindboggling diversity does not come to an end here. A morning walk alone or in the company of friends and of course a forest guide will help in yielding spectacular sights of animals swinging from one branch to another. It will be a wonderful means of being under the lap of nature and taking some break from the humdrum and monotonous life of the city that is so fast-paced and deadline centric. To know more about wildlife vacations, please feel free to visit www.australianwildlifejourneys.com/wildlife-vacations.
    • Some wildlife destinations are popular for their unique ecosystem which you will easily fall in love with at the very first sight. The vast grasslands and flat landscape, viewing wildlife is no game of peekaboo.
    • If you love tigers, then ensure to visit a tiger reserve during the summer as it is only then you can see your favorite animal from a near distance. Without jostling for space along with countless others, you will have the liberty of getting close to various mammals such as tigers, sloth bears, leopards and much more. The icing on the cake is most tiger reserves remain open throughout the year, so if you wish to make a second visit, you will not have to wait till the next summer.

    The bottom line is, sightings do not come easy at all times but if you are ready to put in some extra effort and time you will be rewarded with unusual and rare sightings. Good Luck!

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