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    Prague Bachelor Party

    Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is, without doubt, the most famous destination for a lad’s retreat. Often cited as the original bachelor party abroad destination, it is no secret as to why this city continually attracts the likes of Britain’s weekend warriors!

    Nicknamed the “Golden City” Prague is a tourist’s paradise. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain tourism has flourished in this city, growing by the millions every year, peaking in 2018 with around 4.8 million tourists. This rise in tourism, and increasing interest in this Czech wonderland, has allowed Prague to claim the fifth-place position on Tripadvisor’s list of world’s best destinations. Of the 4.8 million annual tourists, thousands upon thousands of them are thirsty bloke’s celebrating their mate’s last weekend of freedom. Stand on Wenceslas Square on a Friday night staring down on the city’s main strip and you are bound to see a handful of fancy-dressed bachelor party groups bouncing between the various bars and gentleman’s clubs.

    From London, Prague is just under two hours flying, and thanks to the various budget airlines operating between the two countries, there are hundreds of flights to pick from every weekend. Great Britain Pounds aren’t going to fly in Prague, nor are Euros, the Czechs use the Koruna, or the Crown as it is called in English. The exchange rate is big, so don’t be surprised if you are shelling out tens of thousands of Crowns over one weekend. Although many places accept major credit cards, it is always best to have cash on you. Avoid currency exchange shops, especially those in the center, and opt for taking Czech Crowns directly out of the ATM.

    A beer should run you around 18-25 Crowns, or between £0.50 and £1.20 per pint. English and Irish pubs tend to serve beers with English and Irish prices, so do your best to avoid these places if you can. To order a beer, pop however many fingers in the air and say in your best Czech accent “Pivos prosim” (PEE-vos Pro-SEEM), meaning “…beers please”. Expect half liters, that is the typical size of beer in the Czech Republic unless you ask specifically otherwise – but why would you?! Don’t worry about ordering another time, Czechs are smart when it comes to beer, and when your drink is down to its final chugs, they will pop another cold, frothy one in front of you. You will have to ask them to stop bringing beers or this will continue until the bar closes up shop! It is commonplace to open tabs in Prague without ever asking. Your waiter will pop a “listek” (small piece of paper) down on your table and start tallying up the beers as they are drunk. Don’t lose track of this paper, or you may be taken for a few more beers than you actually had.

    Nightclubs begin to fill up just before midnight, and stay open until about 3:00 AM, though it is possible to find some all-nighters hidden throughout the city center. Now, not available in English (Google Translate works well!) www.rave.cz offers an extensive list of the happenings within the party scene in Prague. It is good to arrive slightly early, as some clubs shy away from bachelor parties, and the earlier you arrive the more presentable you will likely be.

    Beyond the decadent nightlife of this city, lies a wide array of bachelor activities. From Kalashnikov shooting to floating along the Vltava River on your very own strip ship, there is no shortage of amazing activities that just simply can’t be done in the UK. With this long list of activities comes to a long list of suppliers, competing for your business. Pissup Tours are the first company of their kind in Prague, and they are still by far the most popular when it comes to planning a Prague bachelor party. They offer free pre-travel consultation, as well as 24/7 on-call reps to help your weekend run smoothly. Aside from permanent activities, there are a number of different activities that occur throughout the year. The best of these for a bachelor party is the? eský Pivní Festival, or Czech Beer Festival, taking place in the middle of May. The festival consists of several tents, selling the best beers, and the best Czech food from around the country. To boot, this festival has a number of different concerts – there is no better bachelor memory than rocking out to a Czech ABBA tribute band!

    Any city where beer is cheaper than water is the perfect destination for a bachelor party. Prague lives up to its legendary status and guarantees you and your mates an unforgettable weekend!

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