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Visit Cuba and come to paradise

Visit Cuba and come to paradise

Cuba should be the next place you take your vacation. Cuba has beautiful white sandy beaches. Cuba’s water temperature stays warm all year long allowing you to enjoy numerous water activities all year long, so if you’re tired of cold frigid temperatures in the winter you can travel to Cuba and summertime will be yours again. After soaking up the sunrays on the beach you can then you can head to the clubs, Cuba’s clubs and bars are filled with legendary music from the Rumba to the Bebop.

Visit Cuba
Visit CubaAnton Novoselov / Travel Photos / CC BY

If the nightlife is not your scene Cuba has several beautiful National Parks to visit.

  • Alejandro de Humboldt National Park (You can come here for hiking, bird watching, or boat tours)
  • Caguanes National Park (Includes ten small islands, caves, swamps, and mangroves)
  • Cuchillas del Toa (You may come here to see caves, mangroves , and coral reefs)
  • Desembarco del Granma National Park (has Rain forests, beaches, reefs, and caves)
  • Guanahacabibes península (Has mangroves, beaches, scuba diving, hiking, and Bird watching)
  • Jardines de la Reina (This is Cuba’s second largest archipelago and has hundreds of cays and islands.
  • Sierra Cristal National Park (This is Cuba’s first national park , and is located in one of the highest mountain ranges in Cuba)
  • Sierra del Rosario (This is Cuba’s first Biosphere reserve with tropical forests and hundreds of beautiful plant species)
  • Turquino (or Sierra Maestra) National Park (Place for camping, with high peaks and magnificent views.
  • Viñales Valley (Great for hiking, spelunking, and rock climbing)

Maybe you’re not one who gets too excited about nature, well come to Cuba and enjoy their luxurious shops aimed at pleasing tourist. Since most of the shopping attractions are aimed at tourists, most of them accept US dollars. Cuban government requires foreign tourists to have travel insurance prior to arrival. So Canadians should make sure that they get the themselves covered by proper travel insurance when they are home so that they can get the best value of it. Check out some Canadian insurance companies here and using Kanetix to compare.

Whether you send your days in Cuba snorkeling, hiking, or shopping till you drop, you can rest easy knowing that Cuba offers a huge variety of hotels with plenty of five star resorts. The best part is that if you stay in a three star hotel in Cuba it will only cost you what a one star hotel does in Europe. So come on, what are waiting for? Come to Cuba and start your fun filled vacation. Come to Cuba soak up the sun, explore sea life at the bottom of the ocean, stay out late and dance the night away, and then sleep in a beautiful resort. Who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation lying on white sandy beach, exploring the beauty of a rainforest, or letting your hair down and dancing the night away in a spicy exiting nightclub?