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    5 Things To Look For In A Good Family Hotel

    With today’s fast pace of living many parents work full time, whilst children have pretty hectic schedules too, which include school, homework and after school activities. It’s little wonder then that everyone needs a break, a time to re-charge the batteries, and an opportunity to all hang out together. With this in mind, what should you look for in a good family hotel?

    Here’s 5 things to consider:


    Let’s face it being a parent can be stressful, so it’s always a good idea when booking a hotel that you check whether they have creche facilities so that you can enjoy some “me” time knowing that your little one is being well looked after. Some hotels also offer a babysitting service at night times, so you can tuck your tired toddler into bed and enjoy a night out on the town.

    Children’s Playroom/Area

    Whether you’re holidaying in the UK or abroad, a good family hotel should offer some sort of playroom or area specifically for children. Young children will play happily for hours in a soft cushioned environment, whereas older children would appreciate table top games or even a play station room. Outside climbing frames and zip lines are also a great attraction and will keep children amused happily for some time. Do make sure, however, that these areas are supervised on a full time basis before dropping off your kids.

    Separate children’s pool

    Most hotels offer a separate children’s pool where they can happily splash around on inflatables or tumble down chutes and slides into the water. Again, there should be a lifeguard nearby all of the time, so make sure you check this out before booking your hotel.

    Indoor and outdoor activities

    A hotel that offers an itinerary of indoor and outdoor activities is always popular with the children. It gives them a sense of freedom being away from mum and dad and enables them to make new friends too. In fact, they’ll probably love it so much that you’ll have trouble dragging them away.

    Children’s menu

    Finally, try and find a hotel that offers a children’s menu. Little ones can be picky eaters at the best of times and coming away on holiday doesn’t lend itself to having mealtime tantrums. Relax your rules for a week and let them take their pick of favourite foods. After all, it’s their holiday as well.

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