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Traveling With Your Airsoft Equipment

Traveling With Your Airsoft Equipment
Traveling With Your Airsoft Equipment

While it might be similar to paintball in many respects, airsoft is considered a much more dangerous sport. The guns used for the purpose can shoot pellets at a speed that can even reach 400 feet per second, so it goes without saying that you have to wear protective equipment in order to ensure that you’re not left with any injuries following a match.

In this article, we will talk about the precautions you have to keep in mind if you want to travel by plane and take your airsoft equipment with you. It might actually be a better idea for you to consider going by car if you want to check out an airsoft field in another state once you learn about the restrictions showcased below.

Why airsoft guns are considered dangerous

As we have noted at the beginning of the post, these things can shoot their pellets at downright alarming speeds. They can inflict a lot of damage on people, and that’s why in the United States, one has to wear a lot of protective gear when engaging in a match.

The vast array of airsoft fields that are available for practice and matches will ask you to wear military clothing, special shoes, and gloves, as well as goggles and a good helmet. Since your eyes are by far the most sensitive region in your body, it stands to reason that they can be affected by the pellets that are traveling at light speed.

The realistic design of your gear can be a problem

While other sports call for the use of specialized clothing, but it’s pretty easy for airport officials to tell what that apparel will be utilized for, with airsoft it’s a bit more complicated than that. If you play soccer, you’ll have to transport your soccer ball, but guns can’t be allowed to pass security, and here’s why.

The fact that they look so similar to real guns is a problem as security professionals won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. The x-ray screen that most airports use will point the unit out as a real gun, not just one utilized for airsoft.

Another important mention that we must make is that carrying your airsoft gun cannot be done in the aircraft, so placing it in your carry-on should never happen. You don’t want to risk getting in trouble with the law, right? That’s why we recommend placing this type of gear in your checked baggage.

Other airsoft equipment you can’t take with you

It should be easy to tell that you can’t carry grenades or mortars each time you pass through the security gates at any airport. Again, the design of these products is so realistic that it can trick officials into believing that your intentions aren’t really positive. And as you know, shootings are shockingly common the United States, and you don’t want to be considered a terrorist.

Don’t even try to stash your airsoft grenades in your checked baggage as that’s illegal.