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    Things you need for a great camping trip

    While making checklists is probably not among your most favorite things to do in life, the fact of the matter is that checklists are essential when it comes to traveling. For any type of air travel, you need to make sure that you’re well-organized and that you haven’t left anything at home, regardless the amount of little room you might have available in your carry-on.

    But what things are truly essential when it comes to any outdoor adventure? Let’s look at several things that can make the difference both in terms of your comfort and with regard to ensuring that you’re always safe.


    No one likes to feel like being drenched in the rain on account of not having the right kind of tent. For a bit more guidance, you can look at a list of the best models described, but the thing is that you should always consider the tent seasonality before anything else. If the tent is made for summer, it’s likely to leave you feeling disappointed if you want to go camping when it rains.

    Also with regard to shelter, you’ll need a mat for the tent entrance, a ground cloth or a spread of tarp, several additional stakes, poles, shade tarp, plenty of rope, as well as an ax or a hammer.

    What about the bedding?

    Sleeping on the ground isn’t the most comfortable experience ever to have been invented, so you want to make sure that you get the best sleeping bag you can afford. You’ll also need a small pillow, maybe an air mattress or just a sleeping pad if you don’t like taking your whole house with you, as well as several blankets and a sheet.


    When you’re in the wild, you don’t necessarily have to feel like Bear Grylls and start hunting to provide yourself with the right kind of nutrients. Make your own life easier. To keep hydrated, you can either bring a portable water filter along or even a jug of water. A stove with fuel and propane could also come in handy, but these days there are bio stoves that you can fuel by using branches, leaves, and other kinds of organic fuel from the woods.

    The rest of the things you’ll have to take with you range from fire starters to camping cookware. The utensils matter quite a bit because you could get overly excited with whatever you plan to cook and forget all about the spoon you’ll use to mix in the pot.

    The right kind of clothing

    Whatever your tastes might be when it comes to apparel, you need to make sure that your clothes are capable of protecting you from the elements. If it’s hot outside, consider taking shorts, a hat, and polarized sunglasses – especially if you also want to go fishing. If the weather’s unpredictable, do bring some rain gear along.

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