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Staycations: How to keep the costs down

Staycations: How to keep the costs down

To say that the staycation has come into its own over the last few years would be a gross understatement. After all, this was a term that wasn’t even heard of several years ago, yet now it’s the talk of the travel industry.

For those unaware, this is the business of staying on home soil. Rather than take advantage of the budget airlines, or long-haul if that’s your thing, the staycation involves visiting a destination in your home country.

Initially, it might seemingly strip the wow-factor out of a vacation. However, a lot of people have found that this opens their eyes up to their own country and allows for a wonderful vacation (that sometimes might not even have the sun and sea).

To ensure that your staycation does stay in budget, we have penned today’s article. Let’s now take a look at how to keep costs down and ensure that your expenses don’t overtake the costs of a so-called traditional getaway.

Pick your dates shrewdly

It doesn’t matter whether you are staying in a hotel in Portsmouth or one in a completely different area of the country – your dates matter. School holidays are regarded as times where things can get ridiculously expensive, so this is something to be made aware of. If you do need to travel around these times, it can pay off to look for irregular breaks that last four, five or even six days. Suffice to say, everyone is looking to be away for the full week, and this means the dates at the start and end of that week can be astronomically priced.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the long weekend. By taking just one day off work, you can effectively get three full days in your destination of choice. Again, traveling on a Friday morning can be a lot cheaper than leaving it until the evening where a lot of commuters quickly snap up the tickets.

Take the car

If you do own a car, now is the time to use it. Following on from the previous point, this is something that gives you a lot more flexibility with your travel times and you can subsequently get the most out of your vacation without paying a small fortune.

Needless to say, it also helps you with packing. Some coach companies are even restricting baggage, so taking your own vehicle means that you can take as much as your desire.

Furthermore, while you will of course have to pay for petrol, this is going to be a tiny expense when compared to the cost of taxis and buses in your chosen destination.

Pack your own food

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to vacations is the cost of eating. Most of us are looking to dine out each and every evening, and this can send the costs soaring.

As such, consider packing your own food. A picnic might sound quite unfashionable, but in the art of saving money it’s anything but. It can mean that your costs completely nosedive and as you are not taking a flight, you can buy all of the essentials before you even travel.

Use your home advantage

When you venture abroad, you are effectively diving into the unknown. When you are on home soil meanwhile, you at least understand how your country functions. For example, in the UK, all museums are free to enter. It’s small facts like this which you can use to your advantage to plan low-cost activities and ultimately slash costs.