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    Top 10 Private Jets to Fly On

    There was a time when air travel was a luxury only a few could afford. Usually, people who could meet the expense of using air travel were the extremely rich, elected officials and celebrities. But, that is not the case anymore. Now traveling by air has become much more affordable and accessible.

    As more and more people are using the air as a form of travel, airports have become crowded and everyone must stand in long queues and go through security checks. The extremely wealthy, officials and celebrities despise waiting in queues and going through security checks. That is why they opt to travel through private jets.

    Private jets are extremely expensive, which is why they are far from the reach of an average person and only belong to the famous or the rich. While all private jets are luxurious and offer comfort and style, few are a cut above the rest. This article highlights the top ten private jets in the world right now.

    1. Bombardier Global 7000

    The Bombardier Global accommodates ten passengers and can travel more than 7000 miles on a single flight at a speed of 1228 km/h. The price tag of $72.8 million means that only a few very fortunate can afford it. It is an extremely popular jet and almost forty Bombardier Global private jets were sold back in 2013. The interior of the jet features a dinner table, four living space and windows that allow the travelers to look at the beautiful blue skies and magnificent landscapes.

    1. Airbus A319

    The standard model of Airbus A319 costs about $81 million. The thing that’s unique about this jet is that the plane’s interior design is customized by the owner to make each model different from the other. The Airbus A319 can accommodate up to 30 passengers and has a top speed of 833 km/h.

    1. Gulfstream III

    The Gulfstream III is like a flying theatre. There are several amazing displays, a huge library and a 42-inch HD screen. The cost of the plane is $125 million and it can carry 14 passengers at a top speed of 928 km/h.

    1. Embraer Lineage 1000

    The Embraer in Brazil manufactured this plane that’s capable of carrying up to 19 passengers at a speed of 890 km/h. The cost of Embraer Lineage 1000 is about $53 million. The interior of the jet features four sofas, two bathrooms and several chairs for passengers. The seats of the jet can be joined together into beds which allow travelers to rest during long flights.

    1. Airbus 320 Corporate

    Designed for comfort onboard, this private jet has a price tag of $101 million and can carry up to 26 passengers. There’s a private lounge in the jet with a sitting and TV area. The Airbus 320 Corporate also features a dining table that can seat 6 guests.

    1. Boeing 757

    The Boeing 757 is a $100 million jet owned by President Donald Trump. This private jet can carry up to 43 passengers at a top speed of 980 km/h. The seat belts of the jet are plated with solid gold and each seat is equipped with a TV screen.

    1. Airbus A380

    With a price tag of $500 million, the Airbus A380 is the most expensive and luxurious plane in the world owned by Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud, the prince of Saudi Arabia. Commercial version of the Airbus A380 holds 800 passengers and travels at a top speed of 945 km/h. The spiral staircase, a lift connecting three floors, family and VIP suites, concert hall, Turkish bath and full-size boardroom are just a few luxuries found inside the Airbus A380.

    1. Gulfstream G-550

    Gulfstream G-550 has a price tag of over $60 million and can accommodate up to 19 passengers. The top speed of 1092 km/h makes the Gulfstream G-550 faster than many other private jets currently available for air travel. Click VIP Jets stipulates that one unique feature of this private jet is the infrared camera that shows the path of the flight to assist pilots in low visibility.

    1. Boeing Business Jet 737

    The Boeing Business Jet 737 is capable of flying 34 passengers at a speed of 853 km/h. Three pilots and one flight engineer are required to fly this private jet. The price of the Boeing Business Jet 737 is $71 million. The jet has a special antenna system to provide TV and internet connection.

    1. Boeing 747-430

    The owner of Boeing 747-430, Sultan of Brunei, paid over $100 million to customize the interior of Boeing 747-430 according to his own needs. The original price of the jet was $100 million. The commercial version of Boeing 747-430 is capable of carrying over 500 passengers at a top speed of 920 km/h. The gold washbasins in the bathroom and gold details in the interior of the plane make this jet fit for the Sultan.

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