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    Exploring the Beautiful Mediterranean Island of Cyprus

    Mediterranean Island of Cyprus
    Mediterranean Island of Cyprus

    Cyprus is the third biggest island situated in the heart of the pristine Mediterranean Sea. It’s full of amazing attractions, rich history and gorgeous landscapes making its one of the best tourist attractions in the world. With easy access from all corners, we see no reason for any avid tourist to skip this alluring paradise.

    There is great cultural influence of Europe on the Cyprus. In Greek mythology, this island is called the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love and perhaps for this very reason, it is a popular romantic getaway. Located close to the African shores, Cyprus is actually riddled with some touches of the East.

    Limassol is the second biggest city in Cyprus and has many ancient ruins. One of the first amazing sites to greet the tourists is the stone monolith looming on the horizon from Kolossi Castle. This castle was completely destroyed in the 15th century and was again rebuilt on a much smaller scale by the British in the year 1933.
    Within the limits of Limassol, lies another ancient city called Kourion. This place has some of the most amazing ruins of Cyprus and is a must-see for all tourists. The ruins are Gerco-Roman era and are truly breathtaking.

    Other key places to visit in Kourion are House of Achilles, House of Gladiators and many well preserved mosaics. Within the Limassol Castle there is a Cyprus Medieval Museum where you can truly spend the entire day.

    If museums are one of your favorite travel pastimes, Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is filled with many museums and places of art, history, culture and literature. There is a famous Byzantine Museum that houses many historical artifacts between the era of 9th and 18th centuries. The Laiki Yitonia area in Nicosia has many restaurants, shopping areas and galleries.

    Cyprus is known for its colorful and glorious festivals that take place all year round. In the month of June, there is famous Kataklysmos festival that is also known as “festival of flood” takes place in the city of Limassol.
    In early September, tourists from around the world flock to this area to attend the Limassol Wine Festival. Mouth watering dishes are served by locals in this festival in addition to the different wines and lots of local music, dancing and theatre. It is an island favorite among locals and travelers alike.

    Though hidden in the realms of majestic blue waters of the mighty Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus offers world class facilities and enjoyment to tourists from around the world. With fair climate during any season, you can visit this country at any time throughout the year.


    Shelly is a contributing writer for AproditeHills.com, a site which offers information about Cyprus villas and Cyprus property. She is also a self proclaimed “beach bum “and loves to travel to the sea as often as she possibly can. Image by arrakis_m

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