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Free and Affordable Activities to Pursue in Melbourne

Free and Affordable Activities to Pursue in Melbourne

These days, a holiday abroad can set you back thousands of pounds, and there’s nothing worse than shelling out for expensive attractions once you get to your destination too. Thankfully Melbourne has a wealth of free and inexpensive things for you and your family to do, which will not only help you save money, but you’ll be having a great time in the process! From its clubs and bars to the fantastic shopping districts and beaches, Melbourne has more than enough to keep you occupied, so let’s take a look at some of the best free and affordable activities to pursue in Australia’s second largest city this summer.

City Silhouette
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City Circle Tram

Melbourne has a fantastic transportation system, with the tram being the most used mode in the city. Not only is it free to hop on and off, but the tram goes all over down town, getting tourists to their attractions quickly and with ease. All you need to do is find a sign along the tram route that says ‘city circle’, and wait for one to arrive! One of the best things about the free tram service are the helpful audio guides, that point out the historical monuments and let you know where to get off to see specific things.

Shrine of Remembrance

One of the most iconic monuments in the whole of Melbourne, the Shrine of Remembrance honours all the Australian soldiers that perished during World War I. The shrine is surrounded by lush green grass, beautiful flowers and trees, and the outer edges of the landscape have even been made into a public park. For tourists wanting to know about the war and how Australia contribute to it, there are education centres near the monument, as well as wartime photo galleries and a charity shop, where all proceeds go to helping Australian war veterans.


If you’re looking for some of the best evening entertainment in Melbourne, then you have to head to Southbank. Located on either side of the Yarra River, Southbank is filled with bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, theatres and street performers, but it still offers that cool and relaxed vibe that Sydney doesn’t. If you find the restaurants too expensive, why not take a dinner boat cruise down the river. Not only are the prices cheaper, but you‘ll get to see Southbank in all its glory.

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Royal Botanic Gardens

Located near the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a great place to laze the day away with your family. With over 35 hectares of gardens, from rare flowers to magnificent and colourful displays, this attraction is home to 35,000 species of plant! There are also a number of amazing exhibitions for you to see around the grounds, and it is very easy to get to as it has its own tram stop. If you’re bringing your children along, then they even have their own outdoor playground!