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    Best Time to Visit Venice to Enjoy Seasons and Festivals

    Venice is the most beautiful city of Italy and one of the top travel cities with attractive, and romantic spots to get involve with. There are many attractions that flood the city during top tourist months. Quiet, traffic-free streets along winding canals make a great walking during a calm winter season. There are magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares and interesting shops to indulge in and enjoy your holidays.

    In the Month of January

    Winter in Venice is wonderful with a magical touch. Many tourists come during this time to enjoy the chill winds and hot chocolates. The location is splendid with freezing air and cozy interiors. There may be sunny days but still the mercury shows the lower temperature. Thus, you will need layers of warm clothing and a hat. During winter in Venice, you can enjoy misty views, snow falling on the Grand Canal and shallow floods in some places. As the snow falls, you can enjoy more chills with varied tastes of most popular Italian wines.

    In the Month of February

    The winter descends slowly in the month of February, and the people come out as it is a carnival time. The city seems busy and colorful. Here starts the arrival of tourists to enjoy this big carnival festival which results in heavy-booking of accommodations and car hire in Italy. During weekend, more people flood into the city center to enjoy carnival season. Venice’s Carnival keeps being a special event. The Carnival season starts about 2 weeks before the date of Carnevale. People become busy buying costumes and masks. Shops sell varied colorful costumes and masks. Throughout Venice events and entertainment are held at night. People in costumes wander about the city during this carnival week.

    Main attractions during Venice’s Carnival celebrations:

    • Gondola and boat parades are held along the Grand Canal.
    • Mask Parades are held in St. Mark’s Square.
    • Grand fireworks show is displayed on the final day to end the carnival celebration.
    • Separate carnival for children is held in the Cannaregio District.

    In the Month of March & April

    Venice turns into a beautiful colorful scenario as winter goes away and spring sets in during the months of March and April. Spring is a wonderful time to travel in Italy. Although it can still be cold at night, spring rouses your spirits to enjoy the surroundings with a good chance of sunshine. The sun makes you shed your coats.

    Spring is generally pleasant in Venice. As temperatures are quite warm, people usually enjoy outdoor dining and swimming in the sea or hotel pool. The city is covered with blooming flowers everywhere with concerts and processions seen on the streets making the city lively. Spring and flower festivals, Holy week, outdoor concerts, and musical nights are the major tourist attractions during this month.

    Spring is the best season to visit Venice as the temperatures are quite warm with mystic views everywhere. Most of the hotels and Venice car hire services offer discounts during this season as there is less crowd. So, come visit Italy and fall in love with its most beautiful cities.

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