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A Guide To Investing In A Ski Chalet In Europe

A Guide To Investing In A Ski Chalet In Europe
Ski Chalet In Europe

Skiing is a popular activity for many families, providing a variety of activities to suit everybody and plenty to do for both beginners and pros alike. Alpine sports in winter, cozy après ski relaxation off the slopes, a variety of mountain sports in the summer months, beautiful views, and fresh air all make chalet living a very appealing prospect.

If you plan on going skiing once a year or more for the foreseeable future, and you enjoy the activities ski resorts have to offer when the snow has melted, it is worth considering investing in your own chalet. There are a variety of resorts across Europe to choose from.

If you are lucky enough to be considering investing in a ski chalet, there are some key requirements that you should be considering, depending on your needs. You will need to think about the size of the resort, the altitude and therefore snow coverage, whether you will be renting the property for parts of the year and how often you would like to visit.

Ski Chalet In France
Ski Chalet In France

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind before investing in a ski chalet in Europe.

Pick Your Country Depending On Your Budget

Doing a little research into how complex property laws are in your country of choice, what the price is likely to be, and whether or not your property will appreciate or depreciate over time will ensure you make a sound investment.

Switzerland is well known for being one of the more expensive areas to buy, with a brand new chalet costing around £1 million. There are also complicated rules about property ownership, which put off many potential buyers and make life a little more difficult. Buying in Switzerland is a safe bet financially though, as you stand to make a profit from selling on the property after a few years.

Ski Chalet France
Ski Chalet France – Image source: 3 vallees property

Go Off The Beaten Track

Slovenia doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of ski resorts but offers great skiing for substantially less than you would expect to pay in France, Germany, or Austria. Nestled between Austria and Italy, Slovenia experiences the perfect climate for winter sports, so don’t discount it as a location.

It is also worth exploring the areas surrounding major ski resorts, which will cost you a fraction of the price but have virtually the skiing on offer. Around the corner from Verbier, for example, you will find the more affordable resorts of Les Collons or Nendaz.

A Large Ski Area

Try to find a chalet which is situated within a large ski area. The larger the area on which you can ski, the greater the variety of snow activities you will be able to take part in. Not only does this mean more to do on your holiday, but it also increases the appeal of your chalet to those looking to rent chalet st martin de Belleville.

Serre Chevalier Piste Map

A variety of different terrains will cater to all different levels of ability and allow for other activities like snowboarding, sledding, snow tubing, and ice skating.

A larger ski area is likely to cost more, so if your budget isn’t enormous, opt for a medium-sized resort that has access to at least 100-150km of snow-covered land.

Somewhere You Can Visit Any Time Of Year

Having invested a significant amount in your ski chalet it seems a shame to be limited to visiting it only at certain times of the year when there is enough snow. If you would like to be able to go on holiday any time, lookout for some of the ski resorts which offer year-round skiing, including Morzine and Chamonix.

There are skiing areas in Europe that still have plenty to offer even once the snow has melted. When scouting out your location, research what other activities take the place of skiing in summer.

The Alps, for example, is bustling with hikers, ramblers, climbers, bikers, canoeists, and white-water rafters in the warmer months. Some ski resorts are close to golf courses and melted snow makes for full rivers, ideal for a spot of fishing.

Somewhere With Good Rental Value

It is highly unlikely that you will be occupying your ski chalet all year round. During the months when you are not occupying the property, renting it out is a fantastic way to offset some of the cost of purchase and ensure a little bit of steady income throughout the year.

To make your chalet as appealing as possible to potential holidaymakers looking to rent, choose a location that is easily accessible, has a minimum of two bedrooms, has a wide range of winter sports on offer, and plenty of restaurants and bars for an enjoyable après ski.

Bear in mind that there will be running costs, repairs, cleaners to pay, and taxes, which will all make a dent in your profit. To make as much profit as possible you must make sure that your chalet is well publicized on rental websites.

High Altitude For Guaranteed Snow Cover

To ensure that there will always be enough snow on the ground when you want to go skiing, avoid low-lying traditional villages, which are around 500m above sea level. All of the major ski resorts in Europe are around 3,000m high.

For more affordable skiing which is still reliable, look for somewhere that is between 1,500-2,000m high.