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Holidays in France are just amazing!

Holidays in France are just amazing!
Mont Blanc

From shopping malls to low budget picnics France has it all. So if we are talking about winter in France the French ski resorts are second to none in the whole wide world. Apart from being extraordinarily luxurious, these resorts cater to all needs from a wide range of classes so that people from every background can enjoy the time of their life. The memories made here are beyond anything.

At the heart of the Evasion Mont Blanc there is the Megeve Ski resort where a huge ski area of about 235 runs. This place is ideal for skiing with friends and family and for other multiple browsings 8 summits facing Mont Blanc. In Megève ski resort you can enjoy 100% sensational skiing along with scenic beauty and absolutely so much fun with family or friends that you will wish to stay here forever. From the summit tops of Megève Evasion Mont Blanc area, an absolutely gorgeous view of the Mont Blanc massif exists. Other than that the views that the place offers include Fiz and Aravis just above the village of Megève and the adjoining mesmerizing valleys.

These resorts in addition to being beautiful are also very accessible. It’s a direct route from Geneva airport which is taken by most tourists. The activities offered by the resorts are for all age groups so that everyone can equally enjoy their time and no one bored. These activities are wide-ranging and among many of this skiing, activities include lift passes which have great value in all seasons but especially in summers when most of the lifts are available. They help you explore nature at its fullest. If you come here once you will undoubtedly return for the experience is just exceptional.

The resorts also offer high-quality luxury at affordable prices for both couples and single people.  Due to this, we have over 1000 5 star reviews from customers all over. The presence of ideal hiking points such as Brevent makes exploration of the Mont Blanch mountain range totally worth it.  For mountaineering, it is also gorgeous and great to be near mother nature. This place also gives you accessibility to cable cars on weekends so that you can enjoy a ride around.

Apart from Brevent you can always visit Glace the most exquisite glacier. From here you can learn both about history and glaciology. It provides a train station so that you can go around the mountains and experience its beauty. The track goes in between tunnels that have been home to hundreds of years of history. The ride with loved ones is totally magical.

Another outstanding site that these Ski resorts offer Aiguille du Midi. From this site, you can enjoy the view of glaciers and mountains all the same all the while staying in great shrubbery of the forest. The chair lift in this area is also breathtaking for it is adventurous to flow in the air at such height. In addition to this cable car is also available at this high altitude all at your service.

An alpine domain also borders on high mountain pastures which is still present in its real form as a reminiscent of the time when nature was pure. The valley will take you back to times when greenery and nature used to be everything. The nostalgia created by it will have you visit it multiple times even in the future. The place also offers a great viewpoint of Switzerland and is totally ideal for mountain biking. The beauty of pastures, the shepherds, the cowherds are one here are one of the kind.

The resorts are also home to villages that have been preserved in their real form. Culture, relation, sports, fun activities, and what not are present for you! You just need to book a visit to these ski resorts and you will not find it disappointing in any way. Among its many offerings are

1.      hiking

2.      mountain biking

3.      electric mountain biking

4.      paragliding

5.      lunch, terrace, picnic

6.      panorama

7.      Contemplation

Of course the list goes on.

This is all from our side on Chamonix to ski and Megeve Ski resorts. You can always book a visit to these places as they are not only fun but a true place to gather some memories.