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    Unusual Women’s Getaways

    Being a mother is a full time job, but sometimes you just need a break. Sure, you could go to the spa for a few hours, but this momentary release doesn’t really satisfy your need to get away. Get off the beaten track and try something new; you might be surprised at how refreshing this can be. Whether you and your girlfriends need a group mom-cation, or you are looking to try something completely different and make new friends along the way, here are some ideas to get you started.

    • Glamping – This is much more than just a funny word, and it’s something I’ve been dying to try. Standing for “glamorous camping,” glamping takes the whole experience of the outdoors to the next level. Imagine you’re outside with the fresh air and sounds of crickets, but you’re sleeping on a hotel bed and staying in a tent that has running water and electricity. Take a vacation with your friends, and let someone else do the cooking for once. There are different levels of glamping, both in terms of price and luxury experience, so you’re sure to find something that fits your situation.
    • Whitewater rafting – Some river outfitters offer special women’s trips, so you can hit the open water and have the time of your life. These women’s trips aren’t your typical spa outing, because you’re more likely to get dirty (and wet), but you’ll enjoy it immensely. When you hire a professional company, you get the added safety security of experienced river guides, plus, they will do all the cooking for your party.
    • Ghost tours – Usually you can find ghost tours in Savannah, which has a rich culture and history of the supernatural. Whether you want a pirate’s house, a haunted train, or real-life spooky stories, you and your gal pals can get away and still have an entertaining (and different) experience to tell home about.

    There’s a lot more out there, so if you’re looking for unusual women’s getaways, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

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