If you want to have fun, explore beaches and the all the fun that can ever be possible on beaches, then you must have a vacation in Bahamas. If you are the one, who, after having a great time at the beaches wants to enjoy at the casinos, then you must go to Bahamas. So I can say in short all roads to fun leads towards Bahamas.

Geographically, the Bahamas are a great chain of islands close by to Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. Nassau is the capital,vacation in Bahamas Free port, Matthew town, Alice Town are the big cities in here. The main islands to name would be Abacos, Acklins/Crooked Island, Andros, Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera/Harbour Island, The Exumas, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, and San Salvador.

Bahamas, a region where the residents make every occasion a festivity is more than a happening place. It is full of festivities, and fun. The residents today are descendants of slavery, colonization etc.
The Bahamas are completed by numerous islands, and needless to say that the beaches hence are the star attractions. The Cable beach out here is too famous here, for its gleaming shores. The beaches out here are a perfect getaway for couples that are looking out for some good cozy time. And for those who are craving to get that bronzed look, a vacation to Bahamas will do more than good, since the climate is pretty tropical.

When you actually speak about Bahamas, it is more of an activity center, with banana boat rides, which is so typically like riding a banana. Then there are a lot of beach parties, with lunch, and games and various events all planned out. Some of these are planned with kids in mind, where as some are totally adult oriented. There are a lot of boat rides, which again may be theme, oriented or a lot of bicycle tours. The Boat rides apart from being party oriented are aimed at exploring the history of the place. To add on to the list of fun are the Bonfires. There are a lot of dances, fire shows, drinks, which may be fruit punches or rum and cocktails, and, they make up for the entire evening. Also, for those who want to have fun diving, or snorkeling, there are so many opportunities that are available here, that make you dive through the water, and have a look at the ocean beneath with such alarming beauty. The feeling is totally in explicable. You can see the coral reefs; the marine life all touch you. For this, you may either carry your own equipment or you may rent.Bahamas beach hotels

Now how many have you have never been fascinated by Dolphins, I bet the answer is nil. Since dolphins have always found a great place in every human being’s heart. The vacation to Bahamas gets you closer to these lovely things. Along with this you also have the Botanical tours where in you can see all those flamingos, and you can also opt for an Eco Tour where in you can go and feed the fishes. And if none of this interests you, you can then try Kayaking or Wind Surfing too. The equipment is available and does drain your energy in this sport, but it sure is worth it, since you are going to have that lovely Bonfire in the night. With the natives all set to entertain you with so many shows.

Fish fries are the best out here, and a must try. You are definitely left with licking your fingers, and wanting more.

And after this tiring day you know that you just want to hit the sack, so here you area again with such a large variety. In Bahamas, you have the beach hotels, the nature base hotels, the cruising hotels and so much more. But the end line is, at the end of the day, you know that yes, you have had the fun of your life.