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Some Helpful Tips for Your South Africa Holiday Plan


When planning for holidays for far flung destinations like South Africa it is never so easy. But, looking through some holiday tips to these destinations is always helpful. A holiday trip to South Africa is exciting and truly memorable but requires an advance planning like booking of flights, accommodations and car hire, which can make your trip hurdle free. This will avoid disappointment and headache along the way.

The timing of your holidays is the first thing to consider while planning. Many of them choose South Africa as their holiday destination to escape colder climate and enjoy sunshine. Tourists are also attracted to this Dark Continent due to its wilderness and adventure filled places. South Africa is the popular tourist destination between the months December to March when it is winter in European countries. During the months of January to February, South Africa experience the pleasant summer months whereas December offers a mixture of cool and hotter days. One more thing to bear in mind when planning your holidays is the length of the day in South Africa. There is no change in duration of day in winter in South Africa resulting in early sunrises and early sunsets. The sun is up at 5 O’clock in the morning. The longest day is generally around the 21st December and even the sunsets about 19:00 hrs. At times in December, it is quite chilly in evenings so it is better to bring warm stockings along with warm sweatshirt in order to enjoy the late evenings in open spaces.

If you choose to spend your holidays in South Africa in December then it is decisive to book your accommodation, car hire and any excursions in advance. Usually the factories are closed in December and many locals go for holidays over the December and early January period. So many guest houses will be booked in advance for the last 2 weeks of December and first 2 weeks of January especially those around the coasts. Even most of the South Africa rental cars are also well booked in advance. So, it is advisable to book in advance.

In these busy periods it is also quite difficult to book internal flights within South Africa. So, it is better to book in advance with these flights or you can either go for cheap car hire services, which is the best option as you can reach your destination with comfort and ease.

South Africa is bold and adventurous. You can enjoy the internal regions only by a four wheeler. South Africa is a big country and distances between major cities can be vast. Once you are out of suburban areas, it is quite difficult to find petrol pumps at frequent intervals so it is better to fill up before you start your journey.

Another important thing you need to remember is to always drive during the day. Driving at night is not as comfortable as driving at home. Roads are not lit outside the town and you need to be careful of cattle that may be crossing the road at night. So, it is better to opt for South Africa Car hire that can help reach your destination without any difficulty. Thus, before planning your South Africa holidays get through the above information which can helpful to make your journey happy and hassle free.