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Retiring Overseas: France

Retiring Overseas: France

Most people know a city in which they dream to live, whether it is the place you have lived all your life or somewhere you hadn’t even heard of until someone told you about it, everybody has an aspiration to escape to somewhere. If you are still to realise your dream you may be interested in retiring overseas, where the guarantee of a better climate and cheaper living expenses is often more realistic. However, restrictions such as finances may limit your options.

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Paris is a fantastic city and one which will keep retirees entertained for years. It is rich in history and culture and you will always find something worth discovering in the city. It is a very popular travel destination, so you will be able to make friends with people from all walks of life, including the locals and other French residents. Obviously it is a little bit more expensive than many other areas in France, and as one of the busiest cities in Europe it may not be suited to everyone’s taste.

The south of France offers a wealth of options for retiring, you could even own your own vineyard if you wanted. It is also blessed with a fantastic climate which will be scorching hot in the summer. Carcassone is at the centre of the Aude department also known as the ‘Cathar County’. It is surrounded by other quaint villages which possess their own unique qualities. The region is fairly mountainous and in the winter months, you can travel east to ski in the Alps or west to ski in the Pyrenees. Leucate lies in a gorgeous natural landscape and has its own port which further enhances the scenery. It resides on the south side of France which benefits from the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea. All of these small local towns are perfect for people who want to live in a beautiful but quite remote location, where they can live sustainably on a small amount of cash, all whilst enjoying the fresh local produce and glorious weather.

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