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    Planning Your Wedding in Seychelles

    Seychelles wedding
    Seychelles wedding

    Image by Laguna Beach Beach Weddings

    There are not many better places for an exotic wedding than the Seychelles. The Seychelles islands are truly special destinations and will no doubt make any wedding special. A lot of people are shunning the concept of typical weddings and instead opting to get married in such destinations, and Seychelles has slowly emerged as one of the top places for both weddings and honeymoons. If you are among those couples, there are several key points to take into consideration when you are planning your wedding in the Seychelles.

    You must understand that it can take months of waiting before you can get married in Seychelles. You should first of all send your official birth certificates to the Seychelles authorities who will process these and determine whether you can actually get married in Seychelles. Obviously, just sending the paperwork by post is as simple as it gets. However, keep in mind that the wait may be long as many couples from all over the world are also applying for such weddings. Consequently, you may have to wait a while before they get around to your application.

    Once the authorities process your paperwork, they will let you know whether you can proceed with your wedding Seychelles dream. You should always wait until their reply before you start bothering about your accommodation since your application may be denied. It’s quite rare that the Seychelles authorities will reject your request to get married in the islands but it could happen. The main reasons for such negative answers are usually incomplete paperwork. As such, make sure you thoroughly check everything before you send it.

    Once you’ve received confirmation that you can get wed in the Seychelles, you can then take care of your flight and accommodation. You should make sure to pick special deals that include the flight and hotel room as these often work out cheaper and mean you do not have to spend so much time looking for an accommodation. Many hotels have packages for couples coming to the Seychelles to get married with several perks and benefits, and it would indeed be a shame to pass these up.

    However, if you do not wish to go for such Seychelles hotels because you find them expensive, it is quite straightforward to look for cheaper accommodation. The Seychelles islands indeed host various forms of accommodation which range from hotels to self catering lodges. Many hotels will provide the facility to organize your wedding, but once you get there, it is rather simple to carry out the formalities for the ceremony. Consequently, you can choose any type of accommodation without having to bother about these arrangements. You can however inform the hotel staff that you are visiting the Seychelles to get married, and they will always be glad to throw wedding rites in your accommodation deal for free.

    Once you’ve taken care of all these steps, you will no doubt be able to get married in Seychelles without having to worry about tiny details messing everything up. There is also no denying that it will be one of the best trips of your life.


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