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Must-have Gear for Your ATV Trail Ride

Must-have Gear for Your ATV Trail Ride
ATV Trail Ride

All of your ATV rides have to keep you safe and sound, and that’s why you need to purchase and utilize some other things aside from your vehicle. It goes without saying that the variety of items designed for your ATV experience that are available out there can leave you feeling a bit baffled.

However, we couldn’t help noticing that the essential gear that you really need to bear in mind is protective equipment. The helmet is by far one of the most important pieces you should wear at all times. You could get one of the Typhoon helmets reviewed on Young Choppers or just go for any other model that might tickle your fancy. But in the end, buying and wearing an ATV helmet is crucial if you want to remain safe and sound.

Other types of protective clothing range from boots and gloves to long pants and sleeves and even goggles, if you don’t have a full-face helmet. Keep in mind that your eyes can get damaged only because of one tiny rock that might accidentally hit you when you’re least expecting something like that to happen.

To ensure that you never have to experience a broken ankle, you also need to wear decent boots. There’s a myriad of horror stories online where ATV riders have had their foot caught in the rear tire and their ankles broken. And when you’re left in an area where your cell phone signal might not be available, that’s something you should never have to experience. You might not even be able to get back home by yourself, so you always have to be safe.

While we’re at it, we might just as well point out that you should never forget your cell and your charger at home. You might think that you’re safe, but you’re not. It’s better to be safe than sorry, they say, and we couldn’t agree more.

While keeping a personal chef next to you might not be feasible from a financial standpoint, you could at least grab some granola bars or some beef jerky so that you have some sustenance when you’re out and about. Also, make sure to pack a lot of water, both depending on your needs and considering that you might end up using it on your vehicle.

After all, riding an ATV can be more strenuous than doing the same with a motorcycle. You need to actively utilize your body to steer the vehicle, so all of that might wear you out before you can even tell you’re tired and dehydrated. Packing a personal water filter might be a good idea, too, especially if you can use it with the water from streams, for instance.

Last, but not least, make sure you don’t leave the house without a reliable toolkit. It’s one of the must-have items on this list, and it will often come with the ATV itself. Make sure that the kit includes zip ties, vise-grips, duct tape, a compact flashlight along with several spare batteries, as well as a map and compass and a multi-tool. It wouldn’t hurt to have several fire-starting essentials, either, just to be on the safe side.