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Mumbai – Kolkata air connections

Mumbai – Kolkata air connections

Check out the plenty of flights all round the clock

Mumbai the commercial hub of India becomes an important destination for people on business trips and other leisure trips as well. On the other hand, Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and the commercial capital of East India.  Kolkata has played an important role in the freedom struggle of Indi and has many monuments of religious, cultural and historical importance which attract many tourists to visit the city as well.

The Indian cities of Mumbai and Kolkata are equally important and well connected. With a distance of almost 2000 kms, you can simply imagine how much time it would take to reach by road or by rail. By providing vital air connections travel between Kolkata and Mumbai becomes much easier and convenient.

For those of you who wish to travel on the Mumbai Kolkata route can take advantage of the numerous flights offered by various airlines on a daily basis. In case you wish to check out the entire flight schedule on an extensive basis, it would be advisable to visit any of the travel related websites and check them out. These websites offer flight schedules and online booking facility as well.

Travelers wishing to travel from Mumbai to Kolkata can check out the flights offered by IndiGo, Air India IC, Air India, British Airways, Kingfisher, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, JetLite, British Midland and United. In all, you could choose any of the 64 flights which are available on a daily basis. The first flight to leave Mumbai from Kolkata is the IndiGo airline 6E 207 at 5 AM while the last flight to leave Mumbai is the Jet Airways 9W7054 at 8 PM.

For people who wish to travel from Kolkata towards Mumbai can check out the 64 daily connections. These air connections are offered IndiGo, Air India, Air India IC, British Midland, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Kingfisher, JetLite, British Airways and United.  If you wish to leave Kolkata early in the morning for Mumbai do book yourself aboard the IndiGo airline 6E 318 while the last flight available is the Jet Airways 9W2483 at 8 PM.

You can book your airline tickets well in advance and to take advantage of cheap Mumbai Kolkata air fares which are offered by these airlines on regular basis. At the same time, take advantage of the cheap Kolkata Mumbai air fares when you book yourself for a return trip too.  In case you are frequent flyer you can take advantage of the membership and redeem your frequent flyer points to avail air tickets at extremely low rates.

Online booking of air tickets is a much convenient way to do so for you can do it at your preferred time and choose your preferred airline rather than depending upon travel agents and spend a considerable time interacting with them.

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