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    Greek Island Hopping

    Greek island of Crete
    Greek island of Crete

    If you plan to visit Greece, wouldn’t it be a waste to spend the whole trip on one single Greek island when there is so much more waiting to be explored? Why not Greek island hopping? This means crossing the sea waters by multiple shorter journeys between islands, see the wonderful coastal scenery, explore wonderful villages and meet some of the greatest people in the world.

    Pure Sense Of Freedom

    If you aren’t constrained by a precise schedule and itinerary, Greek island hopping brings a real sense of freedom: you are no longer stuck into spending a night in a hotel or villa that might not be to your taste, plus, just imagine waking up every morning in a different place and moving on whenever you feel like it. Besides, the great thing is that English is widely spoken, you can easily find rooms to rent at a good price and ferry links on the main routes are frequent, so here you have all you need for a superb budget holiday.

    Sun, Beach And Water Sports

    The dazzling blend of sun, sea and sandy beaches is complimented by a lot of vacation activities. Famous islands Santorini and Paros now have water parks, great bike trails and scuba diving opportunities, while other islands including Naxos, Lefkas and Rhodes are popular windsurfing spots. The Greek islands still have a relaxed and casual feel and even on the most crowded ones, you can still find a place just for yourself.

    The Islands

    Most travelers enrolling in Greek island hoping visit at least 4 – 5 islands on a usual two-week vacation and choose as the guide mark, the Greek capital, Athens. On a usual trip, most travelers choose to start their Greek island hopping in Athens and first get to Paros. From there you can pay a visit to neighboring island Antiparos, that’s before leaving for Naxos.

    Once you get on Naxos, you can make time for an excursion to some of the beautiful Cycladic islands, there are over 200 islands. Also, from Naxos you can easily get to the islands of Ios (first settled by Phoenicians) and Santorini. Ios is typically more easily to get to, as Santorini is a day trip away, provided that you wake up in time not to miss the early ferry. From these main islands you can then choose to come back to Athens with an overnight boat.

    Adventure And Excitement

    The whole schedule might sound a bit hectic, but actually it is all very casual and easy-going. By taking day trips to neighboring islands and keeping accommodation to the minimum and planning your itinerary so that you get to the most popular spots, you can have an amazing vacation. Even if you don’t have more than a week’s time, you can still do some Greek island hopping and feel great exploring the sea waters and the stunning Greek landscapes.

    But the more time you have at your disposal, the more places you get to see and explore. Think about it, in about three weeks you can explore the whole Aegean, visiting smaller and more secluded islands and enjoy your Greek island hopping vacation there without thinking too much about schedule and if there isn’t a boat for one or two days then it will all be part of your vacation.


    This article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra. She works for Offshore Ally, which is a company of competent talented virtual assistant and SEO link builders. She likes to read wants to travel the world. Connect with her via Twitter.

    Images by Peace Correspondent

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