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    Freiburg, Germany: Pioneers of Sustainability

    Freiburg green living
    Freiburg green living

    Freiburg, Germany is one of the pioneers in eco-development, thus promoting green living to its 221,924 residents. The Green conscious city first began its expedition towards saving the environment over thirty-years ago, when it thwarted a plan to build a nuclear power plant in close proximity of Whyl. The auspicious campaign led to the formation of an eco-friendly organization, otherwise known as the ’90 Alliance/The Greens political movement. However, the Green organization would not make headway until after the unfortunate 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which prompted a response to abolish nuclear power altogether, and effectively convert the city towards solar energy. Freiburg won the “Environment Capital” award in 1992 due to its contributions in detecting air pollutants, the launching recycling programs, regulatory transportation protocols, and the complete ban of all pesticides. Freiburg has won seven awards, and continues to move towards an ideal utopia focused on saving the environment and green living. Green advocates and tourists can find plenty of activities to do in the city of Freiburg, such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing, skiing, and surfing. Herein lies the five best green tourist activities to do in Freiburg, Germany.

    The Black Forest

    The Black Forest is west of Freiburg, however, it is an awe-inspiring landscape with highlands, picturesque evergreens, and the Black Forest Gateau as the main tourist attractions. The Black Forest is known as the origin of the original cuckoo clock, and delicious cherry schnapps. Visitors can drive down the rolling hills into seclusion far away from the traffic of tourists. However, the Black Forest is riddled with tales of mythological sightings, such as werewolves, wizards, witches, and shape shifting demons. It is always wise to exercise a degree of caution whilst traveling, regardless of whether or not the boogeyman exists.


    The Schwarzwaldhochstraße is the most notable drive of the Black Forest, which begins in Baden-Baden, and reaches the peak of Bühlerhöhe. At the top is a resort overlooking the Rhine where tourists can buy ski lift tickets and rent Nordic ski equipment. Tourists can also find the North Black Forest Nature Park, which facilitates natural and culture protection programs to preserve the landscape from industrialization. There are many cross-country trails and ski sites for enthusiasts.


    The Schlossberg is a four-hundred and fifty-six meter land reservation. Schlossberg is located on the outskirts of Freiburg, and not far off from the Upper Rhine Graben. There are historical architectural sites built in the eleventh century which attracts sight-seers within the region. The Schlossberg Tower was built in 2002 for the sole purpose of offering a view overseeing the entire vicinity. Other notable infrastructures include a bomb shelter, and the Bismarcktower, which was constructed of red sand stone. Schlossberg ranks in at number nine as the top places to visit in Germany.


    The Feldberg has an elevation of 1,493 meters, which makes it the second-highest mountain in Germany. Feldberg has a beautiful landscape with glacial lakes, and deep valleys that make this a prime location for mountain climbing enthusiasts. Tourists pent-up on green living can find value in visiting this sight for its sheer vastness. It is wise to wear the proper gear to keep warm, because the annual temperature of the Feldberg averages at three-degrees Celsius.


    The Münsterplatz is a collection of preserved old buildings. The Merchants Hall, Wenzingerhaus, and Kornhaus all have their own unique architectural structures. This town house plaza offers an array of activities, such as art galleries, shopping areas, and architecture. There are notable restaurants, and other monuments for the green-minded tourist within the city of Freiburg. Happy Green Living!

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