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    Florence for the Family: Top Tourist Attractions of this beautiful city in italy

    Florence is a city of diversity. Historical artefacts, home to art and culture, religious monuments, and exquisite cuisine are a few of the numerous things you can explore. People of both ages, old and young, even children, can find it amusing to roam around. The activity here is out of the ordinary. As people of mature ages can find themselves amazed by the sculptures and places, the young also have fun ways to learn them.

    If you are thinking of visiting Florence with your family, plan for the best child-friendly museums and monuments. Most of them have children and teen tours included.

    Museo Galileo

    If you have kids in their teens, it’s a must-visit to the Museo Galileo. It is a small museum containing the scientific discoveries of Galileo. The most intriguing part is that there are artifacts of Galileo’s time that are on display! Children can learn about them, how they work and how they were helpful in the old days. The field of astronomy, meteorology, and medicine is all covered. It is a tour of the beginning of science. Make sure to read about it online to know the use of different devices.

    Leonardo da Vinci Museum

    Everyone knows how great an artist Leonardo da Vinci is! But there are lesser-known facts that he had engineering, military, and flying ideas. Just beside the Duomo, there is an interactive museum for Leonardo da Vinci’s works. All his works are on display which is interactive. Children can test them out themselves and even have visual presentations. They are also sure to love taking a snap of the Mona Lisa’s reproduction.

    Rest in the Boboli Gardens

    After your tour at the Pitti Palace, you might want to take a break. A family picnic on the back of the palace is a fun time for the children to run wild. Although there are no flower gardens, your children can play hide and seek behind the statues and climb the tree. While you take a break from the tiring long tours, your children can regenerate some energy too.

    The majority of the sites are in and around the city. So, a city hotel can be the best for your family vacation in this great city. There are many accommodations but make sure you opt for a family hotel with adjoining rooms in Florence, Italy, to make the experience as remarkable as your destination.

    Cooking classes for the whole family

    It is always fun cooking with the family. While on vacation, you sure love the food, so do the kids. Many of Florence’s restaurants have small cooking sessions that a family can include themselves in: the fluffy, cheesy pasta, heartwarming pizza, and soul-soothing gelato (here a list of the best ice creams in Florence) are all up for the grab. You can ask for a demonstration of how they prepare the foods and the chef will gladly show you. It will be a productive time for the family, with delicious tasting by the side.

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