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    Fancy a Trip up Mount Everest?

    On 29th May 1953 Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing became the first people to reach the summit at Mount Everest. Ever since, adrenaline hungry mountain climbers have been heading to Nepal to try and conquer the great mountain. But Nepal offers many wonderful alternatives for those who don’t fancy being lodged on a snowy mountain.

    Mount Everest
    Mount EverestRupert Taylor-Price / Foter / CC BY

    Get Cultured

    Nepal is a country steeped in culture. Located in South Asia – sandwiched between Tibet and India, it is an attractive destination for all kinds of tourists. There is a rich religious history with many Nepalese people practising Hinduism and the roots of Buddhism have been linked to this country. Maybe you would while the days away with a tour round Katmandu’s beautiful temples and the surrounding areas, or for an injection of adrenaline, you could participate in some white water rafting.

    Back-Up Plan

    Maybe you don’t feel ready to get your crampons and ice-axe out just yet, but you would still like to experience Mount Everest up close? Uncover the world Limited offer a Base camp trek tour, which means you get to feast on the incredible Himalayan mountain scenery, trek through Shirpa villages and be staggered by the sensational magnitude of Mount Everest without training for two years in preparation.

    Tour the Wild

    Maybe you are an animal lover? Then riding an elephant or going on a safari might be more to your taste. Imagine seeing wild and exotic animals and birds in their natural habitat at nature camps and national parks. Be wowed by enormous elephants and catch a glimpse of some of the world’s endangered species such as Rhinos and the rare Bengali tiger.

    Spice It Up with a Tasty Dish

    You’ll get to experience many varied dishes when you get to Nepal. Immerse yourself in the variety of flavours and tantalise your taste-buds with local dishes such as Dal (A dish made with spices and lentil). Tarkari is a popular vegetable in Nepal and vegetable curries are eaten frequently. Dishes are served with strong flavoured pickles or chutneys sometimes known as Achar (a pickle which has many variations sometimes with tomatoes, potatoes and coriander). You’ll already be familiar with their staple accompaniment – rice – which is served with most dishes.

    So, even if you don’t want to scale Mount Everest there is still something to take from a visit to Nepal. Explore, immerse yourself in their culture and have the delicious local dishes leave you with a lovely taste in your mouth.

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