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    Antarctica tours and Antarctica trips

    Antarctica tours and Antarctica trips, a land of fascination to every human being, a land that has been the center ofAntarctica trips admiration for every kid, and a land that has always invoked the curiosity among researchers. Antarctica Tour is heaven in its own terms. Though the climatic conditions are towards opposite poles, that is to say, that it is the coldest and yet the most dry place on earth.

    Every single individual at some point in life I am sure always must have wanted to visit the place at least once. The immaculate scenery and wildlife is beyond imagination. This is more than a feast to the eyes of photographers and crewmembers of a film company. Nevertheless, even every other individual is also equally impressed by it. The Penguins and Seals out here have always found a special place in everyone’s heart out here. But it all began with the exploration of this virgin continent for the basic purpose of research. The Antarctic Treaty of 1959 was set to prevent the exploitation of such a beautiful gift of God. Since there are no cities or towns out here, the research stations make up for most of it.

    However with time, tourism has taken a new mode here. If you want to have a Antarctic vacation in this place you can either be a part of a commercial sea voyage, which promises to take you to the shore, or probably you can opt for a landAntarctica tours expedition, or may be take an aerial survey. Be what the method, but every step out here is very exciting. On records there are 80 companies that are a part of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators and they are the one who are responsible for promoting tourism out here. Did you know that there are no reptiles in here or even mammals? There are only penguins, more penguins, and more penguins. Also, apart from them, we do have some birds that migrate and come here. And apart from that the marine life here is to the full with whales, fishes and seals.

    Hey, did you also know that Antarctica as per definitions is a desert. The fact though very strange is because, of the fact that it is the ice that is really too tightly frozen and makes up for the entire region. And don’t get confused; there is a very little snow fall in here.
    Major landing arenas are Williams Field, Pegasus Blue-Ice Runway, and Annual Sea-Ice Runway. A few Antarctic station out here are McMurdo, Palmer, Arctowski etc .So if you have decided to fly in here for your Antarctic Vacation, make sure that you are able to carry your luggage, since you are to be a part of the cargo ship.

    Have you ever given a thought to the fact that once you reach here how would you be sleeping, since there is never any darkness, well then here is a word about the place, it has only sunshine so practice to sleep with the light on

    But be what the matter, before embarking on a journey to this beautiful desert continent make sure that the weather is all clean, and that there are no storms that are set for the vacation. Make sure that you are carrying all the emergency equipment and have every required thing to protect you from the cold.

    And all in all, it is just to say Alls well that ends well.

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