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    Stay in Andorra vacation rentals, Andorra Hotels, Andorra Guest houses…

    Mountains, and snow capped mountains, the beauty of nature reaching out for the skies, the simplicity of the sun kissing the land, is what defines Andorra the best. Situated between the Pyrenees mountains on the Iberian peninsula, thisAndorra Map country is small in size, but is known for some most wonderful memories that are left behind in every tourist’s mind who visits Andorra. Andorra La Vella is the capital of the country and is the place, which is biggest shopping destination of the country. The other places are Pas de la Casa, Encamp and Soldeu.

    But what is it that you can do in Andorra? Well first of all you need to have a booking with any Hotels in Andorra. And Andorra being such a beautiful place, you will find numerous listings for Andorra vacation rentals, Andorra Hotels, Andorra Guest houses etc.Well, like we mentioned that Andorra is a beautiful country among the Pyrenean mountains, you can go snowmobile, snowshoeing, skiing, cross-country skiing, dogsledding etc. So there you are, and while you are here, you have all the days packed with action. Moving on the sledge like Santa, just that we are not going to have reindeers, but nevertheless, the feeling of moving on sledge is incomparable. Then the idea of snowshoeing, or even building igloos, is so rewarding. And now for those who have come to Andorra only to ski, well you can do that with a trainer or even without, and after the fun of skiing is over, then go sledging again, but this time we have the mighty canines pulling away happily, with their tails wagging, and all that little innocence reflecting in their eyes. Give them a hug and pat, and yes, their smile is one of the biggest rewards you can expect in a lifetime.

    Further on line we have Siscarro Lake, and Pic Maia, again beauties of nature, which have no words for their description, the walk along them is refreshing and revitalizing. You can either walk, go rent a bike, both the ways, it is good for your health, but don’t forget to pack some good drinking water along with you. You can even go water rafting here, and have all the fun with water splashing over. The water is as pure as a crystal, and the beauty is totally unspeakable about. Many companies’ organize small family tours, where typically a couple of families are grouped, and the tours proceed to further destinations.

    While you are here, it is very like that your tour operator would have made all of your staying arrangements in hotels in Andorra, or guest houses or have a deal stuck with any website for Andorra vacation rentals., else you have the Hotel Santa Barbara de la Vall d’Ordino, Pension la Rosa, Antic Carrer Major Hotel Oriol, Placa Co-Princeps, CyberAndorra.etc. Apart from this there are a lot of rentals of villas which is to say that there are a lot of Guest houses in Andorra that are available and are readily available and are even self-sufficient. But it is always advisable to make booking prior to your travel. Some of these landlords may be kind enough to even allow your pet, and some other villas have tennis facilities too. But like they say, it is all a game of budget, if your purse is bulky and wants to lose weight, you get luxury in every term, but nevertheless, does not mean, that those with weaker budget have to undergo troubles, since like we all know happiness lies in the heart, and while in Andorra, the beauty of nature is the biggest luxury anyone would want to go for.

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