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A beginner’s guide to East Africa

A beginner’s guide to East Africa

Ethiopia. Kenya. Tanzania. You’ve probably heard of these places before, but how much do you really know about them? If you’re in the market for, say, Uganda holidays, how do you know where to go and what to see?

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Here are a few tips for the first-timer’s trip through East Africa.


This is where you want to be for lions, leopards and lovebirds. A Tanzania safari is unlike any other kind in the world, in no small part thanks to its bio-diversity and multicultural borders. It boasts more than a dozen national parks and even more protected areas and grasslands! Take a ride through the desert for tree-climbing lions or a trek across the plains for the annual wildebeest migration. If you’re looking for an exciting journey through Africa and an experience you’ll never forget, a Tanzania safari is the way to go.


One of the most popular destinations in Africa, Kenya is more than what you’ve seen on TV commercials and travel brochures. It actually boasts a rich, unique culture from the snow-covered caps of Mount Kenya to the Maasai tribes in the south. You have your choice of both big cities and remote villages; you can spend your time sipping tea in Nairobi or tossing peanuts to the monkeys of the Colobus Conservation. Interested in something a little extreme? How about paragliding across the skies of ‘Kijabe’, or Place of the Wind?


Uganda holidays are full of beauty, from the rushing waterfalls of Jinja to the crumbling mosques of Kampala. It’s also known for its great plant and animal life, with acacia trees swaying in the sunset and flowered shrubs blooming along the paths of elephants and ungulates. It even controls a great portion of Lake Victoria, one of the most beautiful and sought-after attractions of Uganda holidays! For exquisite sights of natural beauty, book your flight today to this incredible country, one of the best in not only East Africa, but the entire continent.


Like all places in Africa, Ethiopia has quite a collection of unique, exotic wildlife. Unlike a Tanzania safari, however, a trip across the Ethiopian border will also be marked by commerce. It has a fast-growing economy with plenty of big cities and nightlife, so feel free to relax among the comforts of modern living before heading out into the highlands for wolf watching and baboon tracking. If you’re looking for an African holiday with equal measures of amenities and adventure, Ethiopia is the place to be.