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    6 Interesting Facts About Colombia

    Colombia is a South American country with beautiful landscapes and amazing Spanish culture. Lush rainforests, the Carribean and Pacific Ocean coastal beaches, lofty mountains and coffee plantations make this country an exceptional place to explore. Whether you arrive by rail, boat, car, or a private jet charter you can find endless activities to fill up your trip. Here are six more interesting facts to tempt you to pack your bags and visit Colombia.

    1. The Coffee

    Colombians drink coffee like water. Even the children have their daily dose of coffee milkshakes. Native coffee drinkers are known to add blocks of salty cheese in their black coffee. Then once the coffee is gone, they eat the soft cheese that has been saturated with coffee. Enjoy some cheese with your coffee in Colombia.

    1. Wildlife Lovers Haven

    Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. One out of every five butterfly species can be found in Colombia. There are more species of birds and orchids than anywhere else around the globe. You will discover hummingbirds of all colors and sizes.

    The Andean cock-of-the-rock is a little colorful bird that puts on a fantastic show. The paradise tanager, various types of toucans, and the impressive Andean condor can be seen soaring high above the mountain tops. The birds alone are worth the trip, but there is more biodiversity that Colombia has to offer.

    The country is second in the world in the number of species of plants, freshwater fish, and amphibians. Colombia ranks fourth on the planet for the number of species of mammals. There is just about every type of ecosystem on the planet, all in the country of Colombia.

    1. The Finest Quality Emeralds

    The finest emeralds in the world are found in Colombia. The country has been the premier source for these precious gems for centuries. As a result, most emeralds found in antique rings and other vintage jewelry originated from Colombian mines. The same is true for emerald jewelry made today.

    There are over 150 emerald mines in the country. There are also emerald museums that you can visit. The museums show you how the stone is mined, the equipment used by the miners, examples of rocks with emeralds attached, and you can watch the stones being cut for various types of jewelry.

    1. Architecture

    Spanish Colonial architecture from the seventeenth century can be enjoyed in many cities around the region. Modern architecture in Medellin and other major cities is showcased with many innovative and striking building designs. Castilian and Moorish architecture can also be spotted as you travel this historically rich country.

    1. Chocolate Con Queso

    Not only do Colombians put cheese in their coffee, but they add chunks of cheese to their hot chocolate. After drinking a creamy cup of hot chocolate, they relish in eating the savory cheese for dessert.

    1. Traditional Dancing Varies by Region

    A favorite past-time of Colombians is to dance. Cumbia is a legendary style of dance on the Carribean coast of Colombia. Cumbia is played using drums, flutes, and percussion instruments of indigenous origins. Porro is another Carribean style of dance.

    In the Andean dance scene, you will find the whimsical bambuco style of dancing. This is one of the most important forms of dance in the country. It is just beautiful to watch. The flowing costumes of the dancers and their synchronized moves are just fabulous. These are only a few of the nearly 100 amazing dance styles of Colombia that make this country unique.

    These six interesting facts are just the tip of interesting this that can be enjoyed in Colombia. The gateway to South America is a fun and fascinating place to explore.

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