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    5 Water Sports Activities to Try in Egypt

    Egypt Holidays
    Egypt Holidays

    Have you chosen to holiday in the lovely hot sunshine of Egypt this summer? Here are a few tips for the perfect way to cool down when the heat is getting a bit too much – take to the waves and try your hand at some of the exhilarating water sports available in the country. Here are our top 5 water based activities you can book yourself onto and enjoy whilst on your holiday in Egypt:

    1. Snorkelling

    Let’s start with something easy, if you can swim then you can enjoy snorkelling too! In fact, a holiday to Egypt wouldn’t quite be complete without exploring the underwater wonders of the Red Sea. View the wonderful marine life beneath you where you can expect to see stunning fish and colourful corals. Most of the Egyptian beach resorts offer specialised snorkelling excursions and cruises taking you to the most beautiful snorkelling spots!

    1. Diving

    Once you’ve mastered Snorkelling, try the thrills of diving in the Red Sea.  There are numerous diving schools to assist you on your diving trip, providing the guidance and equipment you need to enjoy a safe dive in amongst the most incredibly marine life. Diving in Egypt will bring you up close to marine species including: sharks, mantas and dolphins! To capture the mesmerising sights you’ll come across, invest in an underwater camera before you head off on holiday.

    1. Water Skiing

    Looking for something more fast and furious? Step up to the challenge of water skiing! This adrenaline-charged water sport will see you don water skis and try to stay upright as you’re pulled across the waves by a power boat! It will probably take you a while to perfect your balance (unless you’re a natural of course…) so be prepared to get very wet! But once you’ve mastered the skill it is an absolute thrill and you’ll find it hard to stop!

    1. Parasailing

    This is such a thrill of an activity if you want to get better views of the Egyptian scenery on your holiday, book yourself on to a breath taking parasailing activity. You’ll be harnesses in and dangled from a parachute that flies across the ocean as you’re pulled by a winch boat. Parasailing can be done alone, or with one or two friends/family members enjoying the ride with you too. So get up with the birds and see the coastline from an amazing perspective.

    1. Windsurfing

    Windsurfing is another fun water based activity to try on holiday in Egypt.  Any of the beach resorts offering this water sport will have experts on tap to teach beginners or simply provide you with the gear you need if you’ve tried it before. Once you’ve got the hang of it, this is a nice water sport in which to unwind and a great way to top up your tan!

    Egypt is world renowned for the water activities on offer and whatever you choose to dabble in you’ll no doubt have lots of fun. Come and enjoy the glorious weather, wall to wall sunshine and amazingly warm seas that lap the Red Sea Riviera.

    Saskia is a travel writer and she writes about holidays in Egypt for the easyJet Holidays website. Image by archer10 (Dennis)

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