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5 Things to Splurge on While Vacationing

5 Things to Splurge on While Vacationing
Image by Miss Treats (http://www.flickr.com/photos/21178966@N04/)
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Image by Miss Treats (http://www.flickr.com/photos/21178966@N04/)

Vacationing is a luxury.  Often people only receive one week out of an entire year to pack up and get away.  All of the other weeks out of the year mean planning and saving for that one week where you can escape from realities of children, work, house chores, and more.  While many people do not have the funds to take expensive trips to exotic locations, it is possible to turn a vacation that is a couple of hours away from your actual home into a remarkable journey that you will cherish forever, and come back feeling even more relaxed and ready to take on those fifty-one weeks until your next break.  This does require some splurging, but sometimes you can treat yourself to free things you don’t typically get to do.  Some extra saving may be required, but while you are saving, just remember that it is all for your sanity.  With that said, here are the five things you definitely should indulge in while vacationing.

  1. Get a massage.  A massage is beneficial to your body in many ways, but primarily it seems to melt away all stresses.  For an hour (or longer if you so choose) you can feel completely at ease and free from stress.  I recommend setting up a massage appointment for the day you arrive to your destination.  First, this will relieve any tension from the long ride or flight, and second, it will start off your vacation the right way.  No better way to start off a getaway than with a nice relaxing massage treatment.
  2. Have dinner and drinks.  Most people do not get a chance to wine and dine as often as we would like.  Use your vacation as the perfect opportunity to have a night out.  A great idea is to find a local restaurant serving up native fare, so your experience is a little cultural as well.  Find out what the servers recommends drinking with your local cuisine so you get the best of it all.
  3. Stay up late and sleep in the next day.  Staying up late might be common practice for many, but to stay up late and sleep in the next day is quite the luxury.  It is a free luxury at that.  Eat dinner later than normal and find some fun things to do in the area at night you can even stay up late to enjoy some direct tv.  Whatever you choose to do just stay up late and enjoy the location and your company, then don’t plan on crawling out of bed until you are good and ready the next day.
  4. Don’t get dressed.  Each year on my vacation I make it a point to have a full day where the only clothing involved is my swimsuit.  If you are not staying at the beach, then make it a point to wear lounge clothes all day.  Take the day to have low key fun, like walking around, lying on the beach or by the pool.  You will feel incredibly well-rested after a day of doing hardly anything, and the good news is that it’s free.
  5. Learn something fun.  This could be a free splurge or not.  It just depends on what it is that you want to learn.  A favorite way to learn something new and for free is to check out the historic sites in the area that are free or museums that offer free entry.  Some people like to go visit aquariums, museums, and more.  Whatever you like, use the opportunity to use some brain cells (but not too many) while you are on vacation.

Louise J. usually writes for a variety of blogs when not vacationing, and he is a travel enthusiast and marathon runner.