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    4 Essential Gadgets for a Backpacking Holiday

    If you are going to head off backpacking somewhere, you need to make sure you are fully prepared. Backpacking means you have to be selective in what you take with you, since you’ll be carrying everything quite literally on your back.

    Fortunately there are plenty of useful gadgets you can take with you that will come in extremely handy. Check out the four essential items listed below and you’ll see just how vital they are. None of them take up a lot of room either.

    Power Monkey solar powered charger

    You will always have items with you that will need charging sooner or later. Think of your cell phone for example. Fortunately you don’t need any power sockets when you have the Power Monkey on your side. This is a charger that is charged by the sun, so you can charge it up as you travel and use it to recharge your cell phone – or anything else for that matter – when you need it. When the Power Monkey is fully charged it will also hold the charge for as much as one year without needing a top up.

    Swiss Tech Utili-key 6 in 1 tool

    This is a small but effective utility tool that clips easily onto your key ring. It provides you with a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver that are both easy to use. You also get a flat blade, a serrated blade (both nice and sharp), a bottle opener and a micro screwdriver for all those fiddly jobs. It is indispensable for all kinds of reasons, and it’s also much smaller and lighter than a traditional pen knife.

    Compact digital camera

    The chances are you’ll want to record plenty of memories of your backpacking trips, no matter where you’re heading to. Pick a compact digital camera that allows you to delete and edit photos as you go. Add a large memory card capable of holding thousands of photos and you’re good to go. Get the highest number of pixels you can for your budget so you are assured of nice sharp pictures.


    You’ll probably know not to drink tap water when you go abroad, but sometimes you may not be close to a shop selling bottled water. If tap water is the only option, make sure you have a SteriPen close at hand. Simply pop it in the water and it makes it safe to drink by using UV light to kill off any nasties. It’s quick and effective and definitely something to stow in your backpack.


    Backpacking is a great way to enjoy an adventurous vacation and to get back to nature, but it makes sense to plan ahead and ensure you have all the gadgets you’ll need for your travels.

    The above list includes practical items as well as items that will make life easier and safer while you are away. The other major advantage of all the above items is that they are small but extremely useful and effective – just what all good gadgets for backpacking should be.

    This post was written by Mark from Birminghamairportparking.com. Thanks for reading.

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