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    3 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Going Fishing With Your Husband

    Whether you’re into angling as well, or you’re just looking forward to your next fishing trip with your special someone, the fact is that you can’t leave home without putting together a list of things you should take with you. Let’s forget about the actual gear and tackle that anglers use regularly and that they make sure to pack whenever a fishing opportunity arises.


    To make the most of your angling adventure, we’ve put together a list of three things you should never leave behind.

    • Safety-related items

    If you intend to go boat fishing, you need to make sure that you have two things with you. One of them is a first-aid kit and the other is a marine fire extinguisher. Most people will be surprised, but the incidence of fires on boats is rather high, which is ironic in a way given that boats are surrounded by so much water. Nonetheless, fire extinguishers for marine use have special substances in them that can put out a fire way faster than water ever could.

    As for first-aid kits, their presence on the boat is self-explanatory. Even when fly fishing, you need to ensure that you and your hubby’s skin is protected at all times, which is why we recommend keeping some sunscreen at hand. If you’re going fishing with the kids, make sure to bring along personal floatation devices or life vests for them.

    • Proper clothing

    While some rookies might argue that there’s little to no point in investing in quality fishing clothes, this issue is still debatable. Sure, some things like fishing t-shirts might make little to no sense as they do not come with a good deal of pockets to store your gear in. However, a fishing vest or jacket can mean the world to an angler who wants to know that all the tackle is easily reachable.

    If you want to stay close to your partner and assist him or her in their fishing endeavors, perhaps you need a pair of nice-looking fishing waders for women. These can be waist or chest-high, made from neoprene or rubber, and might come with integrated boots or not. Some fishers tend to think that those models made specifically for women have to be pink or brightly colored, but we’ve seen that the design matters less when it comes to getting a functional wader.

    Hats and sunglasses are great, as well, especially if you’re going to spend a whole day under the sun.

    • Food and water

    If you plan to spend a whole day on the water, it stands to reason that you should be properly hydrated and have enough nourishment with you. The least you could bring along is some beef jerky, chopped carrots, sunflower seeds, sandwiches, chips, or just some light snacks that can withstand the heat. In a worst case scenario, if you’re left with no water, we recommend getting a filter like LifeStraw, which is basically a portable bottle that can filter water from any potable source. Stream and river fishers are going to love this product, without a doubt.


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