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    10 Things to do in Taipei

    Taipei, the capital of Taiwan is known to be a modern metropolis amongst Japanese colonial lanes and also busy shopping streets. There will be a listicle of things to do here once you reach this incredible city by Cathay Pacific. Starting from riding the fastest elevator and exploring the bust streets, Taipei would offer many things so that it might be a golden memory in the minds of first-time travelers.

    1. Walking along the Danshui’s old street: Danshui used to be a promising port, now used as a commercial hub and tourist destination. The old street lies with the most popular attraction- the street vendors, souvenirs, and some custom houses to visit. You will enjoy the afternoons in the bustling city streets.
    2. Enjoying hot springs at Wulai: Walui is a small aboriginal village located at a distance from the city. The place is known for the hot spring, cable cars, waterfalls and many other fun-filled activities. You will enjoy local cuisine, as well as buy handicrafts and souvenirs.
    3. Riding a cable at Maokong: Visit Maokong, a tea -growing district located at the outskirts of the city but located in proximity to the Taipei zoo. Enjoy a cable ride up to the mountain where you can enjoy locally grown tea. Visit the place late afternoon and early evening so that you may enjoy the sunset and the picturesque night view of the city.
    1. Shopping at Shilin night market: You will go crazy after visiting the Xinyi and Ximen districts which shelters various shops and departmental stores. As a visitor, you will find everything starting from novelty gifts, clothing, and also many other utility items. Things are sold over here at a much cheaper option than most of the departmental stores in the city. Try and take advantage of the same.
    2. Learning history at Taiwan national museum: Visit the National Museum of Taiwan if you want to learn something about the history of the place. You will come to learn about the aboriginal dwellers, the plants, and also wildlife located in the area. Cross the street to visit Land Bank Wing, a bank that houses a counting room having a vault. Not a common sight, but definitely you will enjoy the interesting sight.
    1. Hiking at Yangmingshan National park: One of the most beautiful parks of Taiwan is situated at a stone’s throw distance from the city. The park will mesmerize you with the bountiful greenery and has many other sights like fumaroles. The park, which used to be an active volcano, offers beautiful hiking trails and also an amazing panoramic view of the city.
    1. Shrimp fishing: Visit the shrimp fishing town in Taiwan which is quite a unique experience for the first-timer. There are man-made pools filled with shrimps and also beers as refreshments. Get the shrimps direct from the pools, marinate and it’s ready to be barbequed. Nowhere on earth will you get such a unique experience of fishing and dining.
    1. Visiting Longshan temple: Longshan temple stands as one of the most iconic ones in Taiwan, which was bombed into pieces during World War II. It’s one of the most visited temples and known for the intricate designs it endorses. Yu may take photographs of the temple and the worshippers, but of course with their due permission.
    1. Street food: Once you head towards the local market, you’ll find vendors selling stinky tofu, fried chicken and pancake stuffed beef. Nowhere will you see such a bustling city having a variety of life and items. Well, to somebody it might not sound that exciting or enticing, but this experience is really worth a lifetime. Never miss a chance to munch street food while you are in Taipei.
    1. Riding a super-fast elevator: Taipei offers some incredible views of the city from the top floor. The city is known for the tall building which was once considered the highest, having the fastest lift in the city. Just imagine, you will reach the 89th floor of the building merely in 37 seconds. Seriously, no motion sickness or vomiting bags to be included; you will reach the top in no hazards.

    Taipei will never fail to amaze a visitor and there are some places that would create a long lasting memory in your minds; cherish these moments for the forthcoming future.

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