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Your Guide to the Most Popular Destinations in Cyprus

Your Guide to the Most Popular Destinations in Cyprus
Image by sambukashot (http://www.flickr.com/photos/24718709@N05/)

Cyprus is a small island floating across the majestic emerald waters of the Mediterranean sea. Behind its scenic landscapes, Cyprus is also home to a rich ancestral heritage that dates back to the early Greek and Roman antiquities.

Limassol Beach
Image by sambukashot (http://www.flickr.com/photos/24718709@N05/)

Set in a backdrop of captivating waters, picturesque greenery, and a formidable history, Cyprus today remains as one of the most frequented tourist destination in the world. With almost 4 million vacationers entering the air strips of Cyprus yearly, it is no wonder that Cypriot tourism has contributed much to the growth and stability of its country.

As this island is teeming with captivating sights at its every turn, traveling to this part of the world should be done with careful planning to avoid leaving out some of its must see spots. Here we round up the most popular cities that are home to the best resorts, museums, restaurants, architectures, and hotels.

Ayia Napa – Situated in the far eastern tip of the southern coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is a haven for beach and party lovers. Blessed with some of the world’s most pristine and serene beaches, Ayia Napa is famous for their incredibly warm weather that is perfect for bathing, tanning, and water sports.

Paphos – Formerly dubbed as the wild west of the island nation of Cyrpus, Paphos has now evolved to becoming one of the strongest players in Cypriot tourism and real estate. Owed to its rich cultural heritage and antiquated architectural marvels, Paphos is frequented by a steady influx of tourists all hoping to get a glimpse of the majestic Tombs of the Kings, House of Dionysius, and the Byzantine Museum. Nature has also enriched Paphos with its Paphos Bird Park, Aphrodite Water Park and the breathtaking Adonis Waterfalls.

Limassol – The largest seacoast resort in Cyprus, Limassol successfully combines natural and man made wonders with their seaside resorts, wineries, cinemas, and promenades.

Larnaca – Home to Cyprus’ foremost international airport, the city of Larnaca also serves as the passage way towards the magnificent mountains of Lefkosia and the famous Finikoundes promenade. The small city of Larnaca has also grown in prominence for is array of historical museums, churches, and libraries.

Platres – Settled under the slope of the Troodos Mountains, Platres offers tourists a respite from the sunny beaches and crowded promenades. Offering a relaxing trail beneath a canopy of forests and streams, Platres is a perfect spot for hiking and picnics.


Whether you are into beaches, museums, exotic foods, or nature trekking, visiting Cyprus will surely make all your vacation fantasies come alive.

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