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Your Car Rental Guide


A car rental guide may be useful to people who may have never hired/rented a car before and don’t know what vital things to look out for. They may not be aware of the extra costs you might have to pay if you have an accident or damage the car you have hired.

Once reaching your holiday destination after a long travel, you want to be able to quickly and easily reach your hotel without having to wait around and carry your luggage. Using a car hire is perfect for you to drive to your hotel and get settled in promptly and be able to enjoy your holiday better.

No matter where you travel or how long your travelling for, car hire is proving to be the best option. Renting a car allows you to have freedom of where you want to travel, it also allows you to take a look at the excellent attractions your holiday destination has to offer.

Many people are put off by the alleged “hidden costs” that come with hiring a car. Although if you know what you want and when you want it, renting a car can be cheap and easier. You do need to keep on top of all the extra add-ons that are necessary and the add-ons that are not, because you could end up buying unnecessary extras.

People don’t always take notice to the additional costs which are essential for the running of the car. Fuel, for a start: you may be able to get a good deal which includes a full tank of fuel: with deals like this you may be ask to return the car with a full tank. However, this may be included in your terms and conditions, which people usually accept without reading them properly. If you don’t return the car with a fuel tank of fuel you may have to pay extra money so they can fill up the fuel tank, but the amount of money you may have to pay out might not be equivalent to the cost of a tank of fuel. You also will need to keep re-filling your fuel tank if you are going to be travelling around daily.

Many car hire places are very competitive when it comes to you buying their deals, they will give you extra add-ons making your value for money better. A lot of sites do offer price matches, where they will match the deal you have been told by another company so you book with them.  You can also visit sites where they show you deals from numerous companies all on one page and you can decide for yourself which deal package is best suited for you.


  • If you can get an extra driver included in your package try do so, by doing this you can both share the driving to make it easier.
  • Try to get unlimited mileage on your car hire rental deal, by doing so it doesn’t restrict you from not be able to travel to certain places.