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    Why You Should Visit in Berlin

    Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It’s the ideal location for a weekend break for many Europeans, being accessible from all major European cities, and it’s also a favoured stop off point for many travellers on long excursions. It is clear to see why Berlin is so popular. It is a hive of culture and history and its arts and music scenes are positively thriving. Here are a few of the most popular tourist attractions that Berlin has to offer:

    First up, you should head over to the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin. This is historically known as the gateway to the city and it still stands today, complete with markings caused by shells and mortars from World War II. One of the things that makes Berlin so fascinating is that is undoubtedly steeped in history. You just have to look around at the sheer grandness of the architecture, much of which was destroyed during the war and rebuilt to its former glory.

    Germany is famous for so many things, one being its musical exports. If nightlife is your thing, then there is certainly no shortage in Berlin. Whether you like classical, death metal or techno, there are countless music venues dotted around the city that cater for all types of music. Berlin is renowned for its nightclubs that go on well into the small hours. Clubs such as Watergate and Tresor give revellers the chance to experience some of the world’s finest electronic music in the world’s most exciting venues.

    Bavarian cuisine is somewhat a mystery to many people. If you dig deep in central Berlin there are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving up traditional cuisine and tankards of Bavarian beers to wash it down. Expect lots of cabbage, pork and chicken. Favourites are boiled ham knuckles, wiener schnitzel (breaded veal) and lots of cabbage. For many, this won’t sound too appetizing, but you must try it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

    There are so many historical sites that anyone visiting Berlin should make the effort to see. One way of seeing them all is by taking one of the guided walking tours. They set off throughout the day, usually from around the Brandenburg gate area, and take you round all of famous sites. You will get to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Luftwaffe headquarters and the Jewish memorial. The tours usually take a few hours but it’s by far the best way to see the city.


    This post was provided by Dan Shaw, a travel blogger who enjoys city breaks as well as relaxing on all inclusive holidays

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