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    What should you look for in a limousine company?

    If you look at the websites for limo companies you see page after page about how beautiful and exotic their cars are and how their owner is smarter than everyone else.  I certain degree of bravado is essential for so the website will be found by your Google or Yahoo search, but is does the bravado make for good service?  Does the fancy car make or break the deal?  In my opinion the most important thing is the people and in particular the chauffeur.

    In my opinion (and I have 20 years in the travel industry) a car is a car and that car is just the vehicle (pun intended) to provide good service.  Good service starts with the reservation and culminates with the chauffeur experience. When I travel I look for a company that calls the operator of the limo or sedan by the title “Chauffeur”.  Chauffeurs are not drivers and drivers are a far cry from being a chauffeur. More often than not, companies who employ drives are paying them $8-$10 an hour.  Hhmmmm, that’s about what a fast food company pays a fry cook.  Do you want someone driving you around (or one of YOUR clients or guests) who just the day before could have been flipping your burger?  I don’t think so.  When I look for a limo company, I look for a company that has seasoned chauffeurs. 

    If you want to know more, please visit our website at www.NationalBlackCar.com.

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