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What Should Vacationers And Business Travelers Look For When Buying Travel Luggage?


I’m sure that most travelers have at one time or another bought inexpensive travel luggage that literally fell apart after only a few years of traveling on holidays.  It seems that most times in life you get what you pay for, so it may make a lot of sense to invest in a more expensive, but very durable set of luggage.  Quality counts.  And, in the long run you can save a lot of money by not continually buying cheaply made luggage.

Always buy wheel-equipped luggage, including your carry-on.  You should make sure that the telescopic handles will lock in both the low and high positions.  If you are a tall person, you don’t want to have to stoop over just to pull your luggage along.

One of the top-of-the-line, wheeled, nineteen inch roller board carry-ons is TravelPro’s FlightPro4.  Another excellent top brand is Tumi. 

Carry a set of luggage bungee cords with you so you can tie down any piggybacked luggage if you have to.

What important features should you be looking for when purchasing larger-sized luggage?

Soft-sided luggage is superior to hard-sided suitcases as the locks on the latter can easily break open when your luggage is thrown around.  Luggage handlers are not noted for being gentle when it comes to transferring luggage from place to place.  The luggage should be made of strong, durable, 1,000 denier cordura nylon or polyester, and have double or triple stitching as well as extra reinforcing at all stress points.  Each piece of luggage should have a padded, expandable handle that locks into both short and long handle positions.  The luggage should also be light-weight, expandable, and have outside pockets.  Brightly colored luggage is easier to pick out as it circles around the carousel.  Lastly, your luggage should have large zippers and wide, rubber, recessed wheels. 
Please note that if you purchase luggage that has detachable handles or straps, it is advisable to take them off before you check them in at the airport as they can easily get hung up on the airport conveyer belts.

What are the features that you should you look for when you buy a backpack?

A backpack should be lightweight and feel comfortable while wearing it when it is full.  A gender-specific design and a built-in lumbar support will greatly increase your comfort.  It should have a weather resistant polyurethane coating, a zip-off day pack, outside and inside pockets as well as a hip belt with pockets, and adjustable, padded, wide straps.  The carrying capacity of a backpack should be approximately 4,000 to 5,000 cubic inches. 

Some backpacks have a light-weight steel mesh grid sewn inside of them to prevent your valuable personal items from falling out if it is slashed by a robber while it is being worn. 

A few of the best backpack brand names are ArcTeryx, REI, and of course, GoLite.

A number of informative luggage reviews can be researched on the web at LuggageOnLine.com.      



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