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    Visiting Beautiful Cornwall this Summer?

    Cornwall is one of the most beautiful locations in Europe and one of the most popular U.K holiday destinations, due namely to its coastal towns and relationship with the sea. Statistically the retention rates (people who return to Cornwall, year on year) are high, so why do these visitors, our guests return year on year? What keeps them coming back for more?

    Living in Cornwall most of my childhood, moving away for several years and returning during my twenties, I’ve experienced the best and worst of Cornwall – the ups and the downs of rural living in comparison to urban lifestyles.

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    In my opinion people keep coming back here to Cornwall for these core reasons:

    Rural lifestyle

    A chance to kick back from city dwelling, the hustle and bustle of city life – Cornwall too me is a place that will hopefully not change anytime soon.

    Increased investment in infrastructure

    It is worth mentioning that over time I’ve noticed that there has been an investment into tourism through local government and European funding. All of this has meant a substantial move towards better infrastructure such as a County airport in Newquay and a dual carriageway most of the way through Cornwall (still no motorway though). So while it’s not as connected as well as most cities, it is connected well enough not to be in the dark ages.

    High standards

    Standards of accommodation and attractions have kept high, with many properties and land converted into amenities for holiday makers, there are so many properties in Cornwall that cater now for literally every pocket from campsite accommodations including lodges, tents and campervans to self-catering boutique cottages to fancy hotels, the choice is yours. Personally I’ve had all of these types of holidays and the best times have been camping and caravanning around Cornwall in some of the most remote parts of Cornwall. High quality unique attractions have sprung up, left, right and centre which brings people here on their own merit just one example is the Eden Project in the St Austell direction.

    Friendly people

    The Cornish people are so inviting and welcome visitors with open arms; it’s friendlier than many urban lifestyles. Not to say that a friendship can’t be gained in a city – more that they are initially friendlier. Probably as life is just generally more relaxed down in this quaint part of the South West?


    Being the most southerly county in the United Kingdom has its benefits, in that Cornwall typically gets better weather conditions than most of the UK. Combining the good weather conditions with proximity to the sea and great sandy beaches and i think you will agree you have the makings of a great seaside holiday.

    This guest article was written by Isaac Bullen who writes for a number of Cornish business including Campers in Cornwall a business who provide VW Campervan Hire Cornwall, for your next holiday why not look at Campervan Hire in Cornwall?

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