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The City of Manchester is really one of the UK’s most vibrant of cities. Based in the north west, Manchester well known throughout the world for its exports and importance – there is a reason why it is twinned with the great US city of Los Angeles.

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With something always going on and famous for many reason, Manchester is one of the biggest and most visited cities in the UK and here are a few reasons why:


Probably some of Manchester’s most famous exports are part of the music scene. The Manchester music scene became well renowned around the UK in the 1980s and was widely branded “Madchester”. The “Madchester” scene saw bands such as Joy Division, The Smiths and the Stone Roses dominate British music and led to a way of life that is still evident in the city today. This was then followed on in the 90s by bands like Oasis that kept the Manchester music scene booming. Whilst the days of these great bands are behind them, the impact they had on the city is still very much evident in its people, land marks and social scene.


Manchester has seen a bit of a modernisation in recent years that have seen the city become one the UK’s best for shopping. With purpose built shopping hubs such as the Trafford Centre, Arndale Centre and Exchange Square, many people from around the north and further afield travel to the city to visit its many shopping areas. As a result of this popular shopping scene, Manchester also boasts a great food and restaurant scene with everything you can imagine on offer.


Like many urban centres in the UK, Manchester experienced a boom in the nineteenth century as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Mainly due to Manchester’s setting and transport links, the city became one of the largest producers of cotton in the world. Ever since, the city had thrived upon this trade which has made it what it is today. This fact is very much celebrated with many galleries and museums dedicated to the city’s history and trade.


Manchester is very much a city built around sport which was proven by the successful hosting of the 2002 Commonwealth Games. The city also plays host to many England cricket games at Lancashire Cricket Ground, the Grand Final of Europe’s premier Rugby League tournament is played at Old Trafford which has also played host to the English rugby union team. But the city’s most well-known sporting love is football with both of its premier football teams Manchester United and, most recently, Manchester City being crowned champions of England. Both teams endure a hostile local rivalry which sees the city come to a standstill and is a game that any visitor would crazy not to try and experience.


Manchester is also a very diverse city which means it celebrates many different cultures. In the city centre is the Chinatown area that celebrates oriental food and culture. More on the outskirts of the city centre is the “Curry Mile” which is literally stretch of road a mile long that celebrates all things Asian. Here you will definitely not be short of choice for an Indian meal.

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