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    Using your career to travel the world

    There are plenty of people who never like to stay in the same place for too long and instead feel the need to spread their wings every so often to new surroundings. It is these types of individuals who tend to get around the world by using there career to do so.

    business travel

    Many career paths allow you to travel the world, working in several different environments and soaking up the culture whilst you make money. Most people who go after such a lifestyle work on a project-by-project routine and so easily have the opportunity to move onto a different country when they finish a job and begin to look for another. In situations like this, it would be wise to identify a superior online system for tax preparing. Otherwise, the varying sources of income heading your way just might get you into trouble.

    One popular career that could have you travelling all over Europe, as well as Asia and the Middle East is the finance sector, with the likes of executive finance jobs and private banking jobs rife in major cities. Whereas working in such a location as London can be exciting, the likes of Zurich and Singapore offer something on a completely different level.

    Switzerland is a hive for banking activity and cities such as Zurich and Geneva offer a high quality of life, with the former paying the highest gross and net wage levels in the world. Not only is the money there, but also breath-taking views thanks to mountain ranges and wonderful forests, plus the ability to enjoy the fantastic skiing resorts in Alps during the high season.

    Switzerland natives speak a range of languages that span between French, German and Italian, so make sure you are aware what the local dialect if the country is on your list of potential moves.

    In contrast, Singapore is on a completely different scale and offers much more of a city scape backdrop where everything is supersized. Vast skyscrapers dominate the skyline and is a far cry away from the almost rural environment of Switzerland’s forests and mountainous sights.

    A key attraction to people wanting to work abroad is often low tax rates and Singapore offers just that, with the location having one of the lowest rates in the world. Salaries are also competitive and those working in the finance sector can find themselves with a very healthy wage indeed.

    Going back over to the west slightly, the Middle East has some of the grandest working environments on the globe, with the likes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai offering superb cityscapes in warm, wealthy climates.

    As a very religious part of the world, they may be some elements that you would have to get used to, for example alcohol is under prohibition in many countries in the Middle East; therefore a few lifestyle changes would be required.#

    However, if you like your sport, then you’ll be glad to know that the Middle East is fast becoming a centre for globally renowned sports such as Formula 1, golf and tennis.

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