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Useful Travel Tips for Air Travelers


Travelling outside own country is slight difficult as there are different rules and regulations for each different country. So it is advisable that you gather maximum information about the country you are going to visit. Travelling by plane needs to well organized and one should have to take extra care as you may caught up in disruptions, hope you don’t.

Some useful tips for comfortable and hassle free air travel:

  • Book overnight flights to beat jetlag or book a flight that arrives in the evening when you are travelling in the east which gives you time to have some sleep during travel and you feel relaxed when you reach the destination.
  • Walk in the aisles during intervals which help you to prevent sweating of the feet. During a walk don’t take off your shoes.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol during air travel as it may cause dehydration.
  • Airlines are doing strict security checks and procedures after 9/11 attack. It is advisable that you check with your airlines how much time the security checks will take during check-ins. Try to reach airport well in advance before departure time so that you can get enough time for all the procedures.
  • Loosing baggage is also well known problem what travelers all across the world are facing. Almost all the airlines are facing this problem due to heavy traffic of travelers and also the mishandling from cargo team. It is advisable if you find that your baggage is not on the same flight and you have lost it than immediately fill out a PIR(Property Irregularity Report) and mention description about your baggage, content of it and address to which it should be forwarded. If you not receive you baggage after 21 days of PIR than you can place a claim against the airport authorities.
  • Airline industry faces a real time issue of over booking. Most of us have faced over booking issues happened in past during pick seasons, if you are not in rush to reach the destination than you may give up your seat and take a next flight. The airlines may offer you free hotel accommodation and other frills because of your dedication. Due to that you may get an extended holiday at airlines expenses. Please make sure you book your flight ticket well in advance when you are going for Europe Holiday Tour.
  • It is strongly advisable do not take any packages from a stranger. Travelers travelling first time may not know the fact that the drug mafias use you for illegal drug trafficking.
  • For comfortable air travel try to get seats near to the wings because if plane get caught up with air pocket you can get less bumps and also you can feel enjoy the scenery from above thousands of feet.
  • Make sure you are of list of prohibited items and abide to the rules if found guilty of possession of such prohibited item, you may end up in prison or the items thrown out. Put items like skis/cues/walking canes/sticks/Swiss knives in checked-in bag, so if the airport authorities want to remove the items it is easy and fast compare to large baggage. This will make your check in process smoother and avoid unnecessary delays.

We all know the very fact that time is important for all of us, these tips will surely save your time. We can hope that these tips help you the most to enjoy your holidays with loved ones.