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Turkey: A Destination for Every Tourist

Turkey: A Destination for Every Tourist
Image by Sinan Do?an
Blue Mosque
Image by Sinan Do?an

Some locations are associated with certain types of tourist. For instance, the Canary Islands are great for families, Paris for couples and Ibiza for younger travellers. Turkey is an exception to this as it offers something for everyone with its unique mix of the outdoors, cultural attractions and great beaches. Cheap holidays to Turkey are perfect for every traveller.

Turkey is one of the more interesting places in the world – it sits between the Middle East and Europe yet has its own distinct feel and culture. Backpackers flood here in vast numbers to see the delights of Istanbul which features staggering buildings like the Blue Mosque and some of the most vibrant markets in the world. The food here is also quite amazing and foodies will love the chance to dine on succulent kebabs and amazing fresh fish prepared in local spices. Backpackers also wander outside of Istanbul to other great cities like Ankara and the medieval ruins in Ani.

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Families can also have an amazing time in Turkey. With a warm climate it has become quite popular with people looking to escape cold winters: this has spawned an industry built around great beach resorts and villas. Places like Ölüdeniz are particularly popular for all inclusive holidays to Turkey as they offer pristine beaches and thriving economies built around tourism. This means that families can find lots of different attractions like water parks, shops and restaurants to keep children happy, well-fed and entertained. Perhaps the most appealing part of family holidays to Turkey is that they offer standard beach enjoyment alongside an interesting culture which adults will enjoy exploring on day trips; indeed, you can combine your seaside retreat with a brief visit to Istanbul to keep everyone happy.

Leaving behind the crowded beaches and even busier cities, there is something in Turkey for outdoor adventure buffs. This is a staggeringly beautiful country littered with mountains and other points of natural beauty. Travel to Central Anatolia, a region that is mostly steppe – this stunning terrain is great for hiking and bird watching. The highlight of this region is Cappadocia, a truly unique place which has a moon-like surface and incredible buildings hewn into the rock: indeed here you can find underground cities, houses carved out of bare rock and churches in caves. This incredible landscape must be explored and it is, unsurprisingly, very popular with tourists who hike along the valleys, snapping pictures all the way.

Turkey is one of the most amazing destinations in the world, and you can find something to do here no matter how you like to spend your holidays. For Europeans this makes it a perfect option – budget airlines have extended their reach here and you can now book flights for bargain prices. So if you are looking to try somewhere new for your next trip abroad you should certainly consider Turkey: this fascinating country has so much to offer and you are sure to find your own individual way to enjoy it.