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Travelling To the Airport


There are hundreds of last minute decisions to make before setting off on holiday, but the final one is; do we take the car or get a cab to the airport?

Some taxi’s depending how far you live from the airport, charge a fortune to get you there and back. So you’re left with the expense of airport parking! Or if you’re lucky enough, you could get lift from family or friends. And let’s face it, the parking is usually just as far from the airport as your home is!

So my question is; if you’re going on holiday, does the vacation start from the moment you close the front door or when the plane lands at your destination?

I think we would all like to say we’re on holiday once that door slams shut. And that’s why you should consider luxury travel when getting those airport transfers.

Imagine, an executive S Class Mercedes pulling up outside your home, the smartly dressed chauffeur puts your luggage in the back of the vehicle. You sit in, switch on the television and open the bubbly! That’s more like it.

So for an extra couple of pounds would your consider luxury?