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    Travelling For The First Time With A Friend

    Travelling For The First Time With A Friend – How To Manage it Well

    Travelling With Friend
    Travelling With Friend

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    Going on extended independent holidays or even package tours can be great fun. If going for the first time with a good friend or even partner, you might find out a lot more about each other than you ever knew. Sometimes these situations can spiral out of control, and some relationships can get really damaged. The Japanese have a term which is actually in their dictionary: “Narita Rikkon” (Narita Airport Divorce). Many couples would get into trouble after going on their all important honey moon overseas and go their own ways immediately after returning. Many cases have even ended in divorced. Once you have agreed on your travel plans and have booked your travel insurance, you might want to take some advice from this article.

    Open Discussion. You should be doing this from the start, but if you are going to be sharing a room all the way through your travels for the first time, you might want to have a discussion about this that. Sharing does also mean that you do things for others, and not just them allowing for you. You need to have an open discussion.

    Making Some Rules. Making some basic rules might save you a lot of hassle in the future. Letting those little things get to you, and letting your anger build up until it is too late, might damage more than your demeanour. Some simple rules like picking up clothes after you are undress in the room, and the like, perhaps? Think about simple things that you need for comfort before it is too late.

    Budget. Deciding your budget is extremely important. If one person does not stick to a budget, both of your plans can soon go awry. If you are saving money with good cheap travel insurance, it is a good indication that you are both wanting to save money. You should agree on certain limits for daily spending.

    Rest Day. Although you are on holiday, sometimes you will get worn out. If you are tired, it is good to stop, and not make any more arrangements. A day off where you don’t have to worry about anything. Calling these days ‘Rest Days’, and knowing that you have no obligations on them, even to talk if you are very tired, is a good way to deal with the situation. We all need a break, even from fun sometimes.

    Different Needs. Because everyone is different, it is important to let each other know what you need. For example, I am someone who needs to sleep 9 hours. I always have a great day if I have slept 9 hours and no less. Some people need a long morning, or to do nothing for an hour. Travel is about enjoying yourself, and doing it the way you like. With two people, that can be different. Knowing what each other needs, will go a long way to making things run smoothly.

    Negotiations. Along the way, you will find some situations are very different to what was anticipated. If you have issues with each other, it is important that you can talk about them. Hopefully, you can see the difference between your relationship and the fact that you are on travel together, and not mix them up. If you are good at this, you should be able to negotiate issues about your travel and make changes for each other. Try not to see this as intrinsic to your relationship. Negotiation is the key.

    It Is What It Is. Sometimes two or more people find they are really not suited for each other, or they are not suited to travel with each other. Instead of taking this out on each other, and causing more problems, try and find an amicable solution. Do not take it personally. It is only luck that some people can travel together. Do not think that it has to be the same for your relationship back home, and don’t let it spiral out of control. Some of the best of friends cannot travel with each other. Such is life.

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