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    Traveling Safe

    Traveling abroad can be exciting yet it comes with its own set of hazards. While going to another country on vacation or business there are certain facts you need to keep in mind.

    travel safe
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    Get organized. People who plan their itineraries and book their journeys well in advance rarely come to grief. Since most international flights land in the night booking an airport pickup from your hotel is eminently advisable. Don’t forget to get a confirmation slip.

    Become acquainted

    Familiarize yourself with your holiday destination beforehand. Visit relevant websites, read books, ask around and get to know about the people, culture and customs of that country. Select the tourist spots you would like to visit or get a good travel agent to do so. Next, familiarize yourself with the routes so that you don’t get cheated by cab drivers.

    Travel Insurance

    Don’t forget to take out travel insurance- a great protection against unanticipated circumstances including loss of passport, cash, even medication. Travel insurance also covers you in case of robbery, terrorism, and natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. If your airline is faced with bankruptcy your travel insurance would cover you for your loss.

    The bottom line is this: Do not step out of the country minus travel insurance.

    Travel money

    While traveling abroad it is never a good idea to take a lot of cash with you. Travelers, being vulnerable in a new country, have been known to be robbed and even killed. If possible, try to acquire local currency beforehand. It is certainly better than pulling out a wad of notes and getting them changed at a currency exchange booth in full view of others.

    Change your money into travels cheques and write down their numbers. A mix of travelers’ cheques and local currency should serve you well in a foreign country.

    Take your credit card with you by all means but please ensure before going that it would work in the country you are visiting. Do not forget to check the expiry date on your credit card; even more important, do not forget to make a note of the emergency cancellation number should your card get lost or stolen.

    Handling food abroad

    It is all too easy to fall sick abroad since not all countries have the same hygiene standard. Get yourself inoculated against typhoid, cholera, and all forms of hepatitis. Avoid ingesting food that has been touched by human hands. Food that is cooked – as opposed to being just warmed – is a pretty safe bet. Salads, fruits and meat cuts are a definite no-no in some countries. Also avoid ice in your beverages.

    Carry paper soap, toilet paper, and a sanitizer on your person at all times. In certain countries if you are traveling in some out of the way places you may not have access to simple things like soap or toilet paper. Make your arrangements beforehand.

    One final word

    Last but not least, don’t forget to leave copies of your passport and itinerary with friends and family.

    Travel safe!

    Author Bio: Angelina Christy is a travel author who has written many articles that keeps on guiding the travelers throughout the world. Angelina herself is an avid traveler who has traveled more than 22 countries. She also talks about travel options like Cheap Tickets to Accra how tourists can minimize the cost of their travel fares.

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