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Travel world’s top tourist destination, London – Best of Britain


There is nothing more enchanting than the lure of a fair weathered European holiday replete with lush green landscapes, plentiful history and action packed hikes and trails to walk. Amongst the charming location s of the fashion rich idyllic continent, London is a must do destination to start the Europe bug. One of the most indulgent locations, London has a sizable variety of the things to do and keep the holiday far from passive. The weather naturally is a boon for those who like to explore on foot.

London is home to a charming milieu of culture and history. It is a fantastic fusion of theatre, music, art, significant historical references and landscapes. To acquaint yourself to any city, its the best to set out on foot! The mighty Thames River makes a perfect background to walk and explore some quaint restaurants by the river.

Londoners certainly love beer, fish and chips! It’s mandatory to head to the quaint pubs of London to get a test of some wonderful dark beer. A lot of these drinking holes have some marvelous history attached to them The Freemasons Arms, Blind Beggar and The Dukes Head are some to look out for.

London is enjoyable place from north to south, from east to west and central. You will enjoy the art and architecture of the bygone. Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Eye, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and Madam Tussads are must to go places which are most famous travelling hot spots of London. For most of the places, you can easily get connecting bus and underground tubes which will add excitement in your journey. It is also advisable not to hire expensive guides, as can just get a car hire in London and get information by simple asking.

London is also popular as Education hub and number of students across the world comes here for studies. London is home to many famous institutes like London Business School, London School of Economics and the King’s College. Get someone to make you walk to this prestigious colleges and university which haven’t left their charm.

London has got so many things that requires great amount of time, even months becomes less when you go for London Holiday Tour. There are great shops, art galleries, palaces, historic buildings, theatres, music shows, architectural delights and many more things that make London most popular in the world. The best time to visit London is May to July. During this period of time the weather stays warm, you will get a chance to see number of activities in Parks, Streets and the town. Summer is the best time to visit London unless you are planning for Europe tour to enjoy snowy glory.